I found the bug in Irfanview where it doesn't work properly on a large number of files

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Annu Pai, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Annu Pai

    Annu Pai Guest

    I found what the bug is in Irfanview where it doesn't do batch and
    thumbnail operations on file when the folder contains a large number of

    First, I googled for the problem and saw in these two forums that others
    had the same problem where Irfanview would only operate on a subset of the
    large number of JPEG photos in any one Windows XP folder, even though all
    were selected by the user.

    The problem is you have to let Irfanview DRAW all the thumbnails!

    For example, if you only have a thousand pictures, or even a few hundred,
    in a folder, and you want to auto-rotate all those pictures losslessly, you
    already know the sequence is ...

    1. Open up any one digital photograph in Irfanview
    2. File -> Thumbnails
    3. Options -> Select All
    4. File -> JPEG Lossless Operations -> Lossless Rotation with Selected

    Even if you follow this process EXACTLY, you will NOT get a lossless
    rotation of all your files if you don't know that Irfanview has a bug where
    even if you've selected all the files in a folder, if you don't WAIT for
    all the thumbnails to draw AFTER you've selected them in step 3 above, then
    Irfanview will only operate on those digital photos whose thumbnails did
    draw at the exact time you hit the button in step 4 above.

    Basically, for large numbers of files in a folder, the bug is you have to
    wait ten, fifteen, maybe twenty minutes for Irfanview to finish drawing all
    the thumbnails. Only then, when step 3 has completed redrawing every single
    thumbnail in the folder (easily hundreds, potentially thousands), only then
    will Irfanview actually operate on all the files that you THOUGHT you

    Once we know this bug, others can reproduce it and confirm that the only
    known workaround to this Irfanview drawing bug is to wait for all the
    thumbnails to be redrawn after selection in step 3 above (even thumbnails
    that do not show on the screen due to desktop size limitations).

    Others should confirm this bug before we report it to Irfan himself.
    Annu Pai, Mar 28, 2009
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  2. Annu,

    I found a bug in command-line processing in 4.23, reported it to Irfan,
    and had a fix within a few hours. It was an area he had been working on.

    Splendid service!

    Why not report the problem in the IrfanView forum?

    (I prefer a newgroup, though).

    David J Taylor, Mar 28, 2009
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  3. Annu Pai

    Roger Hunt Guest

    I'm afraid I don't think I have that number of images on my whole
    system, let alone in one folder, otherwise I would try it.
    I guess at step (3) a message box warning of delay would be better,
    and step (4) disabled until the redrawing done.
    Roger Hunt, Mar 28, 2009
  4. Annu Pai

    Yrrah Guest

    Same here.

    Yrrah, Mar 28, 2009
  5. Annu Pai

    orbro Guest

    Blimey! I have a thousand pictures of Mrs. Thatcher alone. Not to mention
    my Golda Meir collection, which is to die for.
    orbro, Mar 28, 2009
  6. Annu Pai

    Roger Hunt Guest

    How many do you have of her with somebody else in the picture?
    I suppose one glimpse would be lethal wouldn't it?
    Roger Hunt, Mar 28, 2009
  7. That's one hell of a porn0 collection you've got there...
    John Stubbings, Mar 28, 2009
  8. Annu Pai

    Disco Dancer Guest

    isn't it faster to move the selected file and do the batch conversion over
    Disco Dancer, Mar 28, 2009
  9. Annu Pai

    Annu Pai Guest

    Hi Guy,
    This is a GREAT idea! (and it's not obvious unless you already know that
    the operation will fail if you don't wait for this count to laborously
    count to the full number of files in the folder).

    I had not noticed the count in the top-left corner of the title bar.
    That count starts at, say, 1/500 and then counts up (e.g., 2/500, 3/500,
    etc.) until it gets to 500/500 a few minutes later (time is likely
    dependent on file size, machine speed, disk speed, etc.).

    Even though you can run the Irfanview JPEG Lossless Rotation command BEFORE
    the count gets to 500/500, you will only rotate those pictures which have
    been "counted".

    So, as suggested, perhaps Irvanview should gray out the JPG lossless
    operation menu until the "count" is complete.

    In summary, Irvanview JPEG Lossless Operations require all thumbnails to be
    "counted" ... so the workaround is to wait until the title bar shows 100%
    of the photos in the folder as having been "counted" before running any
    JPEG lossless operations.

    I wonder why Irfanview JPEG lossless operations have this "count-down"
    problem while the Irfanview batch operations do not seem to exhibit this
    "count-down" problem???
    Annu Pai, Mar 30, 2009
  10. Annu Pai

    Annu Pai Guest

    Irfanview batch conversion, afaik, does not do a LOSSLESS auto-rotation
    based on the EXIF orientation data. (If it did, I'd use it because the
    batch operation process is muuuuuuuuuuch faster than the thumbnail
    operation process).

    It's only the Thumbnail operation that exhibits the countdown problem where
    you have to wait for all thumbnails to redraw (and the count in the title
    bar to progress) before you can successfully run the operation. Otherwise
    the operation only works on those files that did redraw by the time you ran
    the operation.

    Note you can run the operation at any time after selecting the thumbnails,
    but the operation won't work on any of those files, even those selected,
    until the count gets to those files (which could take minutes).
    Annu Pai, Mar 30, 2009
  11. Annu Pai

    Annu Pai Guest

    On a 4GB card, it's common for me to take over 1,000 photos which I'd want
    Irfanview to automatically rotate and resize for me.

    Irfanview does a GREAT job of auto-rotate and auto-resize .... but the
    auto-rotate never finishes unless you know the trick of waiting a few
    minutes after selecting all the files to see the count get to 500 out of
    500 files.

    The auto-resize does not exhibit this count-down problem and will operate
    on each of the 500 files in sequence without you having to wait for the
    count to get to 500 out of 500.

    Interesting bug. Easy to work around once you know it. Frustrating if you
    don't know this little tidbit.
    Annu Pai, Mar 30, 2009
  12. Annu Pai

    Annu Pai Guest

    I should note Irfanview batch thumbnail auto-rotation will only work if
    your camera creates correct EXIF orientation data.

    0. Open up any one digital photograph in Irfanview
    1. File -> Thumbnails, Options -> Select All
    2. File -> JPEG Lossless Operations -> Lossless Rotation w Selected Files
    3. Auto rotate (according to EXIF orientation, if available)

    0. Open up any one digital photograph in Irfanview
    1. File -> Batch Conversion/Rename
    2. Add All
    3. Start Batch

    I wonder why auto-rotation shows this count-down problem while batch rename
    resize works as advertised?
    Annu Pai, Mar 30, 2009
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