hsrp redundancy on catalyst 3750x to router

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by spinnekop, Jan 19, 2012.

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    Jan 19, 2012
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    Hi all,

    I have following problem : we have two cisco routers, managed by backbone provider (ciso 2821 and dsl-router), running hsrp between them in active/passive mode. Behind the routers we have installed two stacked 3750X- mulitlayer-switches. We want full redundancy between l3-switches and routers, so I tried first to install ethernanel (Po) with lacp enabled and add the two Gb-interfaces (as routerport) to it, which didnt work : a lot of packetloss and high pings. I know this isnt the best idea.What I would liketo try, is to install hsrp on both interface on the stacked switch, but this would mean that one of the interface would need to be without an ip address, oterhwise there is ip conflict. Does hsrp permits to have only a standby address without a fysical address.
    Example :
    Interface Gi 1/0/1
    no switchport
    ip address
    standby ip
    Interface Gi 2/0/1
    no switchport
    no ip address
    standby ip

    prmary router :
    interface FastEthernet0/1
    description Customer LAN
    ip address secondar
    ip address
    standby 1 ip
    standby 1 priority 105
    standby 1 preempt
    standby 1 track 2

    backup router
    interface Vlan1
    description Customer LAN
    ip address
    standby 1 ip
    standby 1 preempt

    Thanks and greetz,
    spinnekop, Jan 19, 2012
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