HP Pavillion 780n Startup Issue

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by BrianMNC, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. BrianMNC

    BrianMNC Guest

    I was burning a DVD on my HP Pavillion last night and walked away. I
    came back to the computer to find my startup options of Safe Mode, Safe
    Mode with networking, Safe mode with command prompt, last knowns good
    config, and Start Windows normally. None of those options work. The
    last two show the Win XP logo, then I see a quick flash of what may be
    a "blue screen of death." It comes up so quick I can't tell. Then it
    goes back to restarting. With the Safe Mode options, it runs through
    some command lines like it would in Dos, and restarts. I have tried
    using a boot disk from another computer running Win XP, but I can't
    switch from the A: drive to the C: drive.

    Any thoughts?
    BrianMNC, Aug 9, 2005
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  2. BrianMNC

    Toolman Tim Guest

    First thought is you can't boot from a floppy drive. They don't work with
    NTFS. You would need a bootable CD instead, something like an XP setup disk,
    a Linux "live" distro, or similar.

    With the XP setup CD, you can get to something called "recovery console".
    You let it boot, starting the Setup program. When it gets to the correct
    prompt, you can press "R" to start the recovery console instead of running
    the rest of the setup. When the console is running, you can run chkdsk /r to
    check the hard drive for errors. Frequently, that's all I've had to do to
    get systems running again: maybe not completely, but enough to get Safe Mode
    working - then there are some more tools available (sfc, system restore,
    etc.). If that doesn't work, post back here, and someone should be able to
    provide further options.
    Toolman Tim, Aug 11, 2005
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