HP Pavillion 5375 Notebook

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by John, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. John

    John Guest

    I'm considering buying an HP Pavillion Model 5375 notebook and was
    wondering if anyone has any advise either positive or negative in
    terms of service, warranty and the like.

    Any other suggestions on a good new notebook would be greatly

    John, Aug 8, 2003
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  2. John

    Miggsee Guest

    Many people will say dump HP, but I've had 3 HPs desktops, and I've never
    had a problem with any of them. (Never had one of their laptops, though). I
    just didn't like all the preinstalled junk. I gave a PI 200 to a neighbor
    kid last year, and he's still using it. Last month, I gave a cleanly
    installed PII 350 to my niece. They hooked it up to their broadband, and it
    still runs great. I bought my daughter a P4 2.4ghz for Christmas, and she's
    in Heaven.

    On another note, my work buys Compaq laptops, and they actually are a part
    of HP now. I *LOVE* these Compaq laptops! In fact, if you search for the HP
    you are thinking of buying, there's a *very* similar Compaq one (probably
    the same;)~ !
    I bought my son a Dell two years ago, and it's still a great notebook.
    (win2000, 1ghz)

    If you buy it be sure and go here for updates. Normal procedure.
    Miggsee, Aug 8, 2003
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  3. John

    John Guest

    Thanks for the info - will keep it in mind.

    As for Dell, I cant stand them - at least their tech support.
    It's pathetic at best - as u may know, Dell has outsourced their
    support to India, of all places.

    In any case, I had a 17" monitor die on my. So I called Dell and had
    a hell of a time with those idiots. If you want rudeness, talk to
    Dell tech support, if yopu can understand their "English" with a major
    accent. They even tried to Westernize their names with John Smith's,
    Chris Waverley, etc or something like that. If you wanna be told
    you're stupid and wanna keep getting constantly interrupted while
    you're talking, then they're the Tech Support for you.

    I dunno how much troubleshooting u can do with a dead monitor but they
    put me thru the wringer before finally agreeing to replace the damn
    thing, which BTW was under warranty.

    They screwed up on the delivery address, ended up spending about 10+
    hours in total before finally getting the replacement unit.
    As they didnt have a17" in stock, they shipped a Dell 21" P1110 . The
    size upgrade was fine by me, but the monitor was returned to Dell as
    the previous owner knew it was defective - thus this thing became a
    Dell "refurbished" monitor.

    Again, I went back on the phone with Dell Customer Care instead of
    the support unit, for obvious reasons. After going through the entire
    history, not to mention more troubleshooting, and having to argue my
    case that the replacement unit was defective (I'd say I spent another
    2-3 hours on the phone this time), they then told me I had to talk to
    Tech Support AGAIN!!!! These idiots then had me do more
    troubleshooting.... another 1/2 hour wasted. Finally they shipped
    another replacement unit (to the wrong shipping address again) which
    had to be rerouted to my place.

    And you wouldnt believe this... but this unit too was of poor quality
    not to mention that the detachable video cable was damaged & I had to
    buy one from a local retailer.

    When I initially called them to ship me a replacement cable, I was
    told they'd have to ship me another monitor, not just a cable. And as
    they now had a refurbished 17" moitor, I'd now be getting a 17" unit
    instead of a replacement 21" unit.

    So... still wanna know what I think about Dell systems or better yet,
    their Tech Support????

    As a Support Specialist myself, they do a great dis-service to the

    On a separate note, ever wonder why so my people from places like
    India & Pakistan need to re-qualify for their professional
    designations, including a simple driver's license? If you have a few
    rupies in the bank, you can simply "purchase" you certifications &
    license. That's not to say that all those from that culture do this,
    but a high percentage do. This came directly from a friend who is
    from India. Believe it or not...
    John, Aug 8, 2003
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