HP Pavilion DV1000 Repeating Equal Sign Problem.

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by geishaslave, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. geishaslave

    geishaslave Guest

    HP Pavilion DV1000
    BIOS F.14 (latest)
    Windows XP Home, SP2, latest updates applied
    Symantec AV 2004
    HP Software CD installed (no Bluetooth)

    Symptom is that for any text entry box that is opened, equal signs
    start repeating from left to right.

    For example, if I go to Start-->Run, then the place where one usually
    enters the command instead fills up with equal signs.

    I have replaced the keyboard with a new spare, identical part number.
    Problem did not go away.

    If I boot to DOS or Linux, no issues. The equal sign key works

    Perhaps it is a driver issue? It is a Synaptics Touchpad mouse. But
    the touchpad is working normally. And I already tried uninstalling the
    Synaptics driver.

    Could it be the mouse buttons? That would be bad since they are on the
    motherboard and can't be replaced modularly. They seem to be fine,
    geishaslave, Jun 7, 2005
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  2. geishaslave

    Smoker~ Guest

    Boot into Safe Mode and go to Device Manager and look for duplicate entries
    that shouldn't be there, like a video card listed twice, etc. If you find
    any Remove that device so it can be redetected properly when you reboot. You
    may also want to remove your keyboard, mouse, or whatever you think may be
    causing the problem.
    Smoker~, Jun 7, 2005
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  3. geishaslave


    Nov 12, 2006
    Likes Received:
    same configuration, i don't have any antivirus installed.

    i have the same problem. i checked the device manager, no duplicate installation. i tried ubuntu linux, i got the same problem. it does not appear in the windows safe mode.

    fresh windows installation does not have this problem. only after installing all the devices it does appear.

    please suggest any way out.
    mushfiqur, Nov 12, 2006
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