HP 6980 - won't properly connect "securely" via wireless - only "unsecurely"

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by ----------, Sep 13, 2007.

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    Attempted to set up a HP6980 for a neighbour, expecting it to be easy -
    connected to a Toshiba laptop via a Draytek 2800G wireless router

    But the wireless printing only seems to work when the printer has *no*
    encryption set. If the printer has no encryption set, it prints fine.

    Setting up using the "manual" option - via Ethernet cable connecting
    router to printer - all seems fine... until the Ethernet cable is
    removed. At that point, the printer seems unable to find the router
    wirelessly - the printer's network indicator light blinks ( indicating
    "no connection" ).

    It seems that the problem only occurs if the printer is being set to use
    encryption. The connection between laptop and router is WEP. If the
    printer is set to use WEP it can't find the router, but if the printer
    is set to use no encryption it works fine.

    ( Filtering by MAC address has been set in the router, and that seems to
    be fine. )

    Any suggestions or comments at this point ? :|
    ----------, Sep 13, 2007
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  2. That reminds me of the times HP also had a analytical device dept.,
    now "Agilent". A "HP6890" (a slight numbershifting only) at that time
    was/is a well-known gas chromatograph (ya know CSI?)
    You have set the SSID as well?
    WEP is a joke anyway. Forget about that.
    MAC filtering is a joke as well, since most drivers allow to set
    the "network address" under "advanced settings".
    Since I may imagine you don't move around the printer very often,
    rather set wireless security to WPA if your other devices are capable,
    and connect the printer to your router via cable.
    wisdomkiller & pain, Sep 13, 2007
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