HOW2 test ssh 'separately'?

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by not.socialnetwork, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. This http-based gmail is intolerable!
    I realy didn't want to know about: ssh, TLS/SSL ....

    AFAIK gmail needs TLS/SSL.

    My good-old ETHO-mailer could allow me to:
    select mails to fetch, delete, send accumulated mails ...
    next time I WANT to, 'being' on line.

    Modern e-mailers assume permanent on-line. That's crap!

    ETHO has a SSH package, which seems a monster, compared to other
    ETHO packages, and says:
    "..the remote host must support the SSH 2 protocol.
    The old SSH 1 protocol is not supported..."

    Does SSH satisfy gmails requirements?
    If so, how would I easily test the ETHO-SSH facility, before I build
    and couple it to a good-mailer.

    == TIA.

    PS. IIRC, I confirmed linux:ssh by connecting the PC to a rPi, via
    an etho cable; so could the linux:ssh confirm 'some' connectivety
    with gmail, before I start building the good-mailer?
    not.socialnetwork, Jun 7, 2014
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  2. No. SSH is not SSL.
    Richard Kettlewell, Jun 7, 2014
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  3. not.socialnetwork

    Unknown Guest

    Thanks for saving me wasted time & effort - unlike gmail.
    ETHO mailer shows <fetch, delete,..etc> at the Top, no matter
    where you are in the Frame.

    With http:gmail, if you are in the middle of the multi-screen text,
    you need to go to the top or bottom, and lose your text-place to
    find the command, amongst a pile of garbage.

    It's not that google are stoopid. It's that they want to confuse you,
    to push adverts in-Yo-face.
    Unknown, Jun 7, 2014
  4. not.socialnetwork

    Keith Keller Guest

    ["Followup-To:" header set to comp.os.linux.networking.]
    Your trolling is intolerable, yet you keep doing it.

    You can configure Gmail to allow you IMAP access if you don't like
    their web interface.

    And stop morphing: this is the sixth address I have for you in my

    Keith Keller, Jun 7, 2014
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