How will MCSA Certification help me in Getting a Job

Discussion in 'MCSA' started by bbsrv125, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. bbsrv125

    bbsrv125 Guest

    Hi, I am working in IT industry from past five years. I have worked at
    various levels and at present I am working as System Administrator with an
    organization since 3 years. At my graduation level (B.Sc computer Science) I
    am left with 2 papers which I never completed. I have taken GNIIT program
    from NIT Ltd while I was studying for Graduation. I would like to know
    whether I will be considerd for a Job in a big organization if I am certfied
    with MCSA and What will be the Pros and Cons.

    bbsrv125, Feb 7, 2007
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  2. At my graduation level (B.Sc computer Science) I am left with 2 papers
    which I never completed. I have taken GNIIT program
    If I were you I would first finish what I started. What is stopping you
    from completing the 2 papers? What became of your GNITT program? The
    MCSA is a tough track that requires dedication and vast knowledge of
    Windows 2003 networking services; just ask anyone who has taken the
    70-292 exam.

    Employers taken many things into consideration when hiring a individual.
    They are not just going to look at your resume and see that you have
    achieved the MCSA certification and give you a job. They may want
    additional evidence that you can finish what you start. That you are
    dedicated in seeing things thru to completion. So will the MCSA get you
    a job in a big organization? Perhaps... But I would not count on it. I
    would not put all my eggs in that basket.

    The pros to achieving your MCSA is that, if done correctly, you have
    demonstrated commitment. You have expressed a desire to master you
    trade. Not to mention the knowledge you gain along the way.

    I hope I help shed some light on your question. But there is really no
    honest way of answering it fully.

    Michael D. Alligood
    Network+, i-Net+, CIW Assoc.,
    CIW Certified Instructor
    Michael D. Alligood, Feb 7, 2007
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  3. bbsrv125

    Relodation Guest

    If I were you I wouldn't hope that I will get a good job in big company and
    keep it. I’m working for five years as IT and I’m best paid person in my
    department. We also employ MCSE, MCSA, MCDBA.
    You can get job width MCSA but if you don’t know the job you won’t keep job.
    I just started my education because I would like to find better job, but
    beside that I don’t need paper.

    MCSA certification will help you to catch some things witch you didn’t know
    but everything leys in experience and dedicated work.
    Relodation, Feb 18, 2007
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