How Use CD-RW as Floppy

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by DavidHoyte, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. DavidHoyte

    DavidHoyte Guest

    I have a Dell Dimension 2400.

    Is it possible to set up a 650 MB Sony CD-RW disk
    so I can use it just like a floppy disk?

    Thank you.

    David Hoyte
    DavidHoyte, Nov 15, 2004
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  2. DavidHoyte

    Morning Dew Guest

    Try InCD
    Morning Dew, Nov 15, 2004
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  3. DavidHoyte

    DavidHoyte Guest

    Try InCD

    *I am a beginner, Morning Dew.

    What/Where is "InCD"?

    David Hoyte
    DavidHoyte, Nov 16, 2004
  4. DavidHoyte

    Thor Guest

    "InCD" is known as "packet writing" software. It is made by Ahead Software,
    who also makes the "Nero Burning Rom" CD burning software suite. Other
    examples of packet writing software are "DirectCD" (Roxio) and "Drive Letter
    Access". Packet writing usually requires that you format the disc prior to
    use. It installs the UDF file system and consumes some disc space in the
    process. For example if you format a 650MB CD for packet writing, you'll end
    up with about 530MB of usable space. But then you'll be able to drag and
    drop files to and from the disc, erase and create files dynamically on the
    disc, and depending on the packet writing program, save directly to the disc
    from within an application.
    Thor, Nov 16, 2004
  5. DavidHoyte

    DavidHoyte Guest

    Correct me if I'm wrong:

    After a quick look at the options you
    mention, I figure thet Drive Letter Access
    from Sonic @$29.99 is a good bet for a

    My needs are to use CD-RW to store text
    and word-processor documents, Excel
    spreadsheets, and .jpg or .bmp
    pics/photos, and to overwrite and update
    the files.

    I have no need to record music.

    It looks as if DLA will work happily on my
    Dell Dimension2400, too.

    Am I on the right track, do you think?

    And very many thanks for your swift tutorial: just what I needed.

    DavidHoyte, Nov 16, 2004
  6. DavidHoyte

    sno Guest

    Ask in newsgroup "alt.comp.freeware"....there may be a
    freeware program you can use.....

    have fun......hope helps.....sno
    sno, Nov 16, 2004
  7. DavidHoyte

    Thor Guest

    The only thing I'm unsure about with DLA is whether it allows you to save
    directly to the disc from within an application, for example if you were in
    Microsoft Word, using the "save" command to save your document and then
    choosing the CD drive letter as the destination. Some packet writing
    software only supports moving/copying/deleting files from the CD using
    windows explorer, and applications like Word will refuse to allow you to
    save to the CD drive letter with such packet writing programs. I know InCD
    and DirectCD both support saving to CD within applications, but I cannot
    recall whether DLA allows this or not. Even if you can't save directly to CD
    in an application using DLA, you can always move saved files from the
    harddrive to the CD using windows explorer to drag and drop.
    Thor, Nov 16, 2004
  8. DavidHoyte

    colin Guest

    Perhaps the `subst` command could be utilised for your described situation.
    colin, Nov 16, 2004
  9. DavidHoyte

    Thor Guest

    Subst wouldn't help. The packet writing software ultimately has to translate
    the command no matter what. If it doesn't support saving from within the
    app, it doesn't matter what letter is assigned to the CD drive/folder
    Thor, Nov 16, 2004
  10. DavidHoyte

    DavidHoyte Guest


    After comments by you and others:

    DirectCD for Windows XP by Roxio looks as though it will suit my purpose

    But I can not find a site that tells me its price or will sell me a copy?!

    Can you please give me a Web page or
    Email address?

    Thank you, to so many who have helped with information and suggestions on this

    David Hoyte
    DavidHoyte, Nov 16, 2004
  11. DavidHoyte

    Thor Guest

    David, DirectCD has evidently been renamed to "Drag-to-Disc" by Roxio, and
    it is installed as part of the "Easy Media Creator 7" suite, and evidently
    not available as an individual purchase. I checked Roxio's website, and the
    program suite is $79.95 US after a $20 rebate.
    Thor, Nov 17, 2004
  12. DavidHoyte

    DavidHoyte Guest

    DirectCD has evidently been renamed to "Drag-to-Disc" by Roxio, and
    Thor: This is likely to happen with any successful application S/W,
    I imagine: It is embedded with other ap code and the price quadrupled.

    Can I get any of the other S/W that makes a CR-RW behave like a floppy,
    that the vendor has *not* raised the price on?

    You mentioned InCD by Ahead Software.

    Or maybe just put up with the limitations which you think may exist with
    DLA and use it for only $29.99 ?

    The thing is to act fast, before all vendors figure the market will bear
    a higher price . . .

    Tell me what you think, won't you?

    Thanks again.

    DavidHoyte, Nov 17, 2004
  13. DavidHoyte

    Plato Guest

    Plato, Nov 17, 2004
  14. DavidHoyte

    Plato Guest

    David, DirectCD has evidently been renamed to "Drag-to-Disc" by Roxio, and

    from my utils page says it does RWs and is free.
    Plato, Nov 17, 2004
  15. DavidHoyte

    frank ashton Guest

    do you have a cd writer? for a start & if you do it will have the soft ware
    with it , if not go & buy one & put your self out of your misery . they
    should be a lot less than some of the prices of soft ware . in auz you are
    only talking less than $50.00
    frank ashton, Nov 17, 2004
  16. DavidHoyte

    Thor Guest

    Thor, Nov 17, 2004
  17. DavidHoyte

    Thor Guest

    It's part of Nero 6 Ultra Edition Suite for $69 US. Once upon a time you
    could buy it separately like you could with DirectCD.
    It would seem to be your cheapest alternative. One click over to the DLA
    features page, and it states that it DOES support saving to the disc from
    within apps.
    Thor, Nov 17, 2004
  18. DavidHoyte

    Plato Guest

    sheesh, shoot me then yep I figgered cdrw writing would include packet
    writing. duh
    Plato, Nov 18, 2004
  19. DavidHoyte

    DavidHoyte Guest

    Thanks Frank.

    I odered DLA from Sonic yesterday for
    $29.99 (plus $5 for them to keep a copy available for me to make another

    Saw a msg: "We had a problem w/this order".

    I sent email to
    w/all details of order, asking if they actually got it, so I could download

    Got auto-ack from Sonics, but no more.

    $29.99 doesn't leave much for hiring good help . . .

    I do little AmEx ordering by email, so don't know what is reasonable to expect.

    If Sonic had got the order, would it be reasonable to expect them to have
    checked my AmEx card and send eemail within 24 hours:
    "Got you order. Download anytime".

    Ergo: Lack of that email means I should place the order again, without risk of
    paying twice??

    Thanks for all this help.

    DavidHoyte, Nov 18, 2004
  20. DavidHoyte

    Thor Guest

    Wait for a real response from them. Ordering twice will probably just create
    a bigger mess.
    Thor, Nov 18, 2004
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