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Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by opps, Jun 18, 2008.

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    Winning the UK National Lottery

    and EuroMillions games just got


    We know it sounds much too good to be true, so is it really possible to

    improve your chances of winning the lottery???

    in a word YES!!

    By joining the E-Lottery syndicate you are increasing your chances of
    winning the UK National lottery by 702% £5 gets you 44 lines for both
    Wednesday and Saturday draws. If you play the EuroMillions your chances
    increase by 3600%

    Join our team of Independent Affiliates and discover just how easy it is to
    run your own e-lottery business on a part-time or full-time basis.

    We offer a LOW-COST start up with high residual commissions on player
    subscriptions, the opportunity to develop a sales team and earn rewards
    based on team volume generated from player subscriptions, a full Affiliate
    website back office and all the help and support you could want. There
    couldn't be an easier, more enjoyable way to work for yourself.

    Some of the benefits of joining the E-Lottery Syndicate:

    a.. Playing both the UK National and EuroMillions lotteries with massive %
    increase in winning costs just £10 p week.
    b.. Your own business-management website with unique URL and guest login.
    c.. You can never forget to put your numbers on.
    d.. You can't ever lose your lottery tickets.
    e.. You can play even if you are on holiday, living overseas. Many expats
    play the E-lottery every week.
    f.. All results are emailed to you if requested.
    g.. When you win,your lottery money is paid to YOU directly.
    h.. You can become and Affiliate and 'Play for Free'.
    i.. Online 'statement' to view your commissions and payments.
    j.. Easy to follow 'getting started' website.
    k.. Player and Affiliate testimonial videos.
    l.. Automated email 'prospector', genealogy and other management tracking

    Click on the link and watch the short video, this will explain the business
    opportunity in detail
    opps, Jun 18, 2008
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