How to use USB on Cisco wireless router

Discussion in 'Network Routers' started by Robert Crandal, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. We have a Cisco DPC3825 wireless router. The manual for
    this router can be found here:

    This router has one USB port, but I'm not sure how to use it to transfer
    files between different devices (or similar devices). For example, if I
    have photos on a Polaroid tablet, how do I transfer them onto a USB
    flash drive installed on the router? I then want to copy those files
    from the wireless USB onto my Windows 8 laptop. (Or vice versa)

    I'm already aware that I can use Google Drive or Dropbox or other
    cloud services to transfer files, but I want to figure out how to use a
    USB drive attached to a wireless router. I hope this doesnt involve
    installing software apps on each device or setting up homegroups,
    but if so, that's fine. Id' appreciate any advice. thank u!
    Robert Crandal, Nov 29, 2014
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  2. Robert Crandal

    ping Guest

    I think it's just an alternate network connection, AKA serial client connection
    for people who don't have Ethernet or WiFi on their computer. It's possible that
    there's support for USB storage devices, sort of a cheap NAS using a jump drive;
    try plugging a memory stick in and see if anything shows up.
    ping, Nov 30, 2014
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  3. Robert Crandal

    VanguardLH Guest

    That manual on page 16 shows a USB connection but a specific example of
    chaining together a primary router (model starts with "D") with a slave
    router (model starts with "E") rather than you having to consume a RJ-45
    Ethernet LAN port for that.

    "printer" isn't mentioned anywhere within that document so it is
    unlikely that it provides support as a networked printer server.

    Since they show a blue-colored USB port then it's probably a USB3 port
    (so it wouldn't be slower using USB2). Yet:

    only mentions USB2. That document also calls it a USB2 *host* port.

    It says that port can be used with USB flash memory modules. I'm sure
    they're just promoting their own product and that any USB flash drive
    could be used. Yet:

    indicates the USB ports are there for future capability enhancement. So
    call Cisco to ask if those ports are usable. They may not have any
    firmware that yet has code to make use of the USB ports (also indicated
    by a lack of description along with lack of mention in config screens of
    how to configure the USB ports). Could be they're just providing a USB
    interface to which later firmware might use.

    Since the product's release date was back in 2010 but they still don't
    have an online manual that describes using the USB ports, it looks like
    a planned feature that was never utilized.{20e2b6f0-8b8e-11df-6baf-000000000000}

    says "USB - Connects to *selected* client devices."

    Looks like the USB ports were a proposed feature that never happened so
    its USB ports are not yet enabled (in firmware). You'll have to use
    something else to network your flash drive.
    VanguardLH, Nov 30, 2014
  4. Robert Crandal

    The Real Bev Guest

    We've been trying to set up our Linksys E4200v2 router so we can plug a
    USB drive into it and access it via the internet, which is theoretically
    possible IF you have windows or a mac to set up the browser that allows
    this (very different from the version povided for linux) AND you
    apparently have to set up a linksys account as a middleman between the
    internet and the router+USB drive. That seems incredibly stupid on
    several levels (I can access anything on the computer already, why not a
    separate USB drive?), such that I MUST be wrong, but there it is...
    The Real Bev, Oct 31, 2015
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