how to tell display adapter maker when no maker listed on it

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by effi, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. effi

    effi Guest

    333 mhz pentium 2 desktop,
    erased the disply adapter driver,
    need to reinstall the driver now,
    don't have the driver though,
    and the pci display adapter card doesn't have a manufacturer's name or model
    number on it

    is there any way to determine the manufacturer and model number so the right
    driver can be located?

    without the correct driver it only displays 16 colors,
    instead of high color (16 bit)
    effi, Oct 26, 2004
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  2. effi

    Pepperoni Guest

    If you can determine the (PC) manufacturer and model number, go to the
    manufacturer's web site to determine the adapter and also to locate the

    You may be able to determine the adapter by looking in system information.
    Pepperoni, Oct 26, 2004
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  3. effi

    colin Guest

    [ The PC Guide | Procedure Guide | Identification Procedures ]

    Video Card Identification Procedure

    This procedure is used for identifying the manufacturer and chipset name and
    version of the video card, using the DOS "DEBUG" command. You'll need to do
    this typically when debugging problems or when you are looking for updated
    video drivers. An alternative option is to look carefully at the labelling
    on the video card and its components, but the advantage of this procedure is
    that it can be performed without the need to open up the system case.

    Procedure Overview:

    Difficulty Level: 1 (Very low).
    Risk Factor: 1 (Very low).
    Hardware Required: None.
    Software Required: Any version of MS-DOS or Windows 95.
    Time to Perform: Less than five minutes.
    Preparation / Warnings: Make sure you have all work saved in open
    applications on your system before starting.


    Procedure Steps:

    Get to an MS-DOS Prompt: If you are running a version of Windows, you need
    to either open an MS-DOS prompt or shut Windows down to MS-DOS mode.
    Enter the "DEBUG" Program: From the DOS prompt, type "debug" and then
    {Enter}. The system will display a single dash ("-").
    Display the Video Card BIOS Area: Type the following, exactly (and nothing
    else, or you risk doing something to your system that you really don't want
    to): "d c000:0010". This will display the contents of the beginning part of
    the video BIOS ROM. The system will display a bunch of hexadecimal digits
    across most of the screen. On the left-hand side you will see text letters
    that correspond to these codes. For most video cards, you will see the name
    of the manufacturer and information about the video chipset type and version
    Scroll Down If Necessary: On some systems you may need to scroll down
    further to find the information. Do this by typing just "d" and then
    {Enter}, one or more times. More information will display on the screen.
    Exit "DEBUG": Press "q" and then {Enter} to quit the debug program.
    colin, Oct 26, 2004
  4. effi

    HF Guest

    Dont despair - a graphics card can be so low in price. However go to and you will find a piece of software which should identify
    your card. Click on free download. What does it say in Device manager ?
    HF, Oct 26, 2004
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