How to take pictures at night??

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by jackw, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. jackw

    jackw Guest

    Hi all,
    I'm a newbie of using digital cam, and i'm just wondering how to take
    good quality picture at night without using flashlight. I've seen
    people using digital cam to take moon or stars pics, and i want to do
    that too... can anyone help me??
    thank you very much

    jackw, Mar 11, 2005
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  2. jackw

    eawckyegcy Guest

    A good quality one, eh? You appear to be a demanding sort, so only the
    best for you!

    I would recommend Astro-Physics equipment

    over the Tak's, but you appear to be in a hurry and Astro-Physics has a
    long, long, waiting list.
    eawckyegcy, Mar 11, 2005
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  3. jackw

    Jim Townsend Guest

    What camera do you have ?

    The camera's capabilities make a difference. Some
    point-n-shoots only give you a maximum of a second
    or so exposure time. This isn't good enough.

    The number *ONE* rule is to use a tripod.
    Jim Townsend, Mar 11, 2005
  4. jackw

    jackw Guest

    I'm having Nikon Coolpix 4200. So what do I need to change the Camera
    setting in order to take pics at night??
    jackw, Mar 12, 2005
  5. jackw

    jackw Guest

    wow... those are very helpful websites!!! thank you very much...
    jackw, Mar 12, 2005
  6. jackw

    Ron Hunter Guest

    No sarcasm intended, but have you checked the manual to see if the
    subject is covered there? If not, then your camera may not be suitable
    for such demanding photos. Generally, you will need a good solid
    tripod, and some way to control the noise that becomes a problem with
    long exposures at high ISO settings. I really suspect you will find
    that model not quite up to the task.
    Ron Hunter, Mar 12, 2005
  7. jackw

    Jim Guest

    It depends on what the subject. A shot of the moon won't require anything
    special (except perhaps a magnifying glass). Pictures of the starts can
    take between 10 seconds and 30 minutes.
    So, it all depends.
    Jim, Mar 12, 2005
  8. Jim Townsend wrote:
    ... and perhaps the number *TWO* is to use the noise reduction feature of
    your camera for exposures longer than a couple of seconds.

    David J Taylor, Mar 12, 2005
  9. jackw

    jackw Guest

    how to use the magnifying glass with a digital cam??? where should i
    put it?? and how to set it up?
    jackw, Mar 14, 2005
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