How to set broadband on old PC running ME ,year 2000

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Roky, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Roky

    Roky Guest

    I am trying to set up an old PC running windows millenium,ME 2000 for
    email use, on
    my BROADBAND CONNECTION that i use on my 4 year old pc with win 7.
    The new pc runs ok on the broadband,

    I was using the old pc about 4 years ago on broadband I think. but am
    not too sure if it actually was on broadband,
    seems my ISP does not like to set up OLD PCs and will not give me any
    It does have a NIC card that i installed:D link is the hardware that
    shows up

    the below instructions were the only ones i could find,
    i did find a place to enter ip address, but no place to enter,subnet
    mask or default gateway or dns numbers
    also below instructions says to go to but
    all i get there is problem loading page on my newer pc

    maybe its time to format the hard drive and trash the pc?


    Once your modem is connected to the PC :
    (1) Click on 'Start' button (2) Click on 'Control Panel'
    (3) Double Click on 'Network Connections' (4) Select “Local Area
    Connection” and right click on it .
    (5) Select Properties(6) Select TCP/IP in that box
    (7) Click on "properties " Enter the details as follows :
    Set IP Address as 192.168.1.x where x is any number from say, 1 to 100
    Subnet Mask As Default Gateway As
    The following DNS nos. specific for me in Goa, you may ask BSNL for
    the DNS numbers specific to your region.
    Preferred DNS : Alternate DNS :
    Click on "OK" button. Click on "OK" button again.
    (8) Restart the computer.
    (9) Open your browser (Internet Explorer or other) and go to http://192.168..1.1/
    Enter details as follows : USERNAME: admin PASSWORD: admin
    (10) Click on "SETUP" on the menu at the top. (11) Click on "New
    Connection" on the left.
    Now fill in the details as follows :
    Name - BSNL Type - PPPOE
    Username : Type what username BSNL has given you.
    Password: Type what password BSNL has given you.
    Against MTU : feed 1452 to replace the default 1492.
    If this is not modified, secure sites like hotmail will not work.
    Against VCI : Feed 35.
    Leave all others at default values. Then click on "Apply" at the
    bottom of the screen, you may need to scroll down if it is not
    (12) Then click on "TOOLS" on the Menu at the top. Click on “System
    Commands” on the left.
    Click “Save all” Click on "Restart". (13) If you open your browser,
    you should be on-line....
    Good luck and happy surfing!!! Great is the power of broadband!! You
    can write back if you have any problems and I'll try to help you solve
    Roky, Mar 27, 2011
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