How to remove hugely long WinXP menu items from right click on JPEG

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Donna Ohl, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Donna Ohl

    Donna Ohl Guest

    How can I remove half the useless menus that show up when I right click on
    a JPEG in Windows XP?

    When I right click on a JPG, the menu items are so long that they require
    scrolling both up (off screen) and down (off screen) in order to select
    some of the menus (e.g., copy and delete).

    How can I remove some of the JPG right-click WinXP menu items?

    Donna Ohl, Mar 25, 2008
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  2. Donna Ohl

    Donna Ohl Guest

    Here are the 40 items that show up in the jpg file right click menu:
    - Open
    - Edit with the Gimp
    - Edit
    - Send to Flickr...
    - Print
    - Process Photos -> (sub menu)
    - Preview
    - Refresh thumbnail
    - Rotate Clockwise
    - Rotate Counter Clockwise
    - Set as Desktop Background
    - Convert to Adobe PDF
    - Combine in Adobe Acrobat
    - Advanced File Security 3 -> (sub menu)
    - Scan filename.jpg
    - Add to filename.bca
    - Encyrypt by Public Key and Send
    - Edit Security...
    - <huge thumbnail photo>
    - 640x480, 24bpp, 48.45KB
    - Convert into -> (sub menu)
    - Set Wallpaper as -> (sub menu)
    - Options -> (sub menu)
    - IZArc -> (sub menu)
    - Open With -> (sub menu)
    - Quick Par -> (sub menu)
    - PowerISO -> (sub menu)
    - Photo Info
    - Add to Archive...
    - Add to "filename.rar"
    - Compress and Email...
    - Compress to "filename.rar" and Email
    - Send To -> (sub menu)
    - PGP Zip -> (sub menu)
    - Cut
    - Copy
    - Create shortcut
    - Delete
    - Rename
    - Properties

    Given I don't need all forty of these items, how would I remove some of

    Donna Ohl, Mar 25, 2008
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  3. Donna Ohl

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Google for 'WinXP right-click menus', or "Windows XP context menus". I
    am sure you can find out how to add, and delete items to that list.
    Ron Hunter, Mar 25, 2008
  4. Donna Ohl

    VanguardLH Guest

    Check your PGP, security, anti-virus, and all the other software that
    you installed that added a context menu entry on that type of object.
    They may have an option to provide for cascading menus rather than add
    them at the same [root] level in the menu tree. It also appears you
    have more than one file compression archiver utility installed. Pick
    one that includes all the formats you want supported and get rid of the
    rest. Some programs have an option as to whether or not they will add
    an extension to Windows Explorer (i.e., an entry in the context menu on
    a particular object type).

    If you perform all the above to gracefully remove the menu extensions or
    reshuffle them under a cascading menu under a root node in the menu
    tree, and only after doing that, then you might want to use Nirsoft's
    shell extension utility (ShellExView) to disable (hide) items from the
    context menu. Using this utility is as low-level in modifying your
    system as is using regedit to modify the registry. If you screw up
    here, it's your fault if you didn't save a restore point beforehand AND
    also save an image to let you recover if you screw up.
    VanguardLH, Mar 25, 2008
  5. Donna Ohl

    Donna Ohl Guest

    The guys over on the freeware site suggested "Mmm FREE 2.0" so that makes
    two possible GUI-based solutions (Nirsoft ShellExView being the other one).

    Here's the writeup on Mmm FREE feeware ...

    Mmm FREE. Configure Menu Context Menu Context-menu.
    Every program these days seem to add their own items to the windows
    right-click menu. This menu will after a while grow all out of
    proportions because of the sheer number of items. Use this free, unique
    utility to configure your windows menus. Remove menu-items you never
    use. Put rarely used functions out on a sub-menu. Keep only those
    functions you often use in a small, tidy base menu. Configuration is
    very simple, just drag and drop the menu-items where you want them to
    go. One of those...
    Size: 847.5 KB License: Freeware
    Platform: Windows XP
    Donna Ohl, Mar 25, 2008
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