How to make some basic settings in email client in Mozilla

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Walter Logeman, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. I am exploring the use of the email client in Mozilla. I would
    like to do the following and have some difficulty - ideas on this

    1. Reading emails I like to see the body of the email in plain
    text with ">" for quoted text not a graphical substitute.

    2. If the email has HTML I'd still like to see txt only. I'd
    like a keystroke to render the HTML

    3. In the editor, I want it to be plain text and again to see
    the ">" for quoted text - the way I have it now, with the
    graphical line, it becomes hard to edit the quoted text.


    Walter Logeman, Sep 13, 2003
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  2. Unfortunately, this is one of the several advantages of OE. In addition
    to being just plain faster all around, it's easy to have it set to
    unformatted for normal receiving and sending, then select formatted for
    special occasions. I don't really understand why TB and Mozilla insist
    on carrying forward the cumbersome and inconvenient system developed
    years ago by Netscape. That also applies to the incredibly awkward
    system for accessing news messages. I try so hard to abandon MS, but OE
    remains the best combination mail and news client.

    Why is TB so slow? Why doesn't it correct the sins of the fathers? Am I
    the only who notices that the King has no clothes?

    Avraham Hanadari
    Avraham Hanadari, Sep 14, 2003
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