How to make bootable CD with Memtest86 ?

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Seagull, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. Seagull

    Seagull Guest

    I have a possible DDR memory problem and thought to try Memtest86 I do not
    have a floppy drive. I downloaded and extracted the Iso image. Attempted to
    make a bootable CD to run Memtest with Nero Express 6
    The resulting CD boots into DR DOS but I can not find Memtest.

    DOS recognises CD drive H: (in my case) but I get error reading device

    I do not properly understand the Iso image bit.
    In Nero I left the title as My Disk and just add(ed) the extracted
    memtest.iso . The CD is set for closed session.

    Have I missed something? Was I supposed to process or extract files or
    some such form the iso image to write to the CD?

    Please help.
    Seagull, Jun 22, 2007
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  2. Seagull

    Jerry Guest

    Why not download UBCD from which has
    memtest86 and a lot of other handy stuff on it.
    Jerry, Jun 22, 2007
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  3. Booting into DR-DOS seems to indicate a successful burn.
    I can't remember Nero well. I always used the advanced interface rather than
    the "Wizard"y one. There was an option off the file menu to burn and image ...
    choose that and then browse for your image file.

    Using the normal dialogue burns a filesystem to the CD with a copy of your .iso
    file in it. Burning it as an image puts the filesystem represented in the .iso
    file to the disk, which makes it bootable.
    Download an Ubuntu disk.

    One of the options it presents in the boot menu is Memtest86+
    Mark Robinson, Jun 22, 2007
  4. Seagull

    Fred Dagg Guest

    Weird. You just want to run Memtest86, and you've received two
    replies, both saying to download something else that has Memtest86 in
    it. Problem being, both are still ISOs, so wont actually solve the
    problem you're having...

    The error message you received above indicated that the CD didn't burn
    correctly. Try burning it again and it should work.
    Fred Dagg, Jun 22, 2007
  5. When you download memtest, It should just be an iso... which you burn...
    which contains all the nessasary boot files

    What exactly did you download
    Andrew Lambert, Jun 22, 2007
  6. Seagull

    peterwn Guest

    If there is any doubt simply burn the CD from an ISO on another machine.
    With a *real* operating system and desktop, you merely right click the
    ..iso file name and click the 'write to disk option' - insert a blank CD
    or DVD and away it goes. An ISO file is an exact image of the content
    of a CD or DVD. Click on it with a *real* operating system and desktop,
    and the system 'loop mounts' it and displays the top directory in the
    same way as if you put a CD in the drive.

    With a toy operating system and utility that comes with CD writers,
    after some hunting through menus, you will find a means of burning the
    ..iso .
    peterwn, Jun 22, 2007
  7. Seagull

    Fred Dagg Guest


    Nice attempt at a troll. Unfortunately it just made you look like a
    Fred Dagg, Jun 22, 2007
  8. Seagull

    Seagull Guest

    Thanks for all the replies. A Google search on memory testers gave me the
    link to memtest but I am happy to have the extras so I went with the
    ultimatebootcd. and have
    successfully made the bootable disk. Some useful stuff on there. So far
    the memory has tested OK, but I will run it overnight.

    As for the unreadable bit I had not clicked the right box on Nero and simply
    copied the iso onto the CD. I only made one other coaster in getting it

    Seagull, Jun 22, 2007
  9. Seagull

    jack Guest

    Yes you need to add the CD ROM Drivers to the Image..
    jack, Jun 22, 2007
  10. Seagull

    jack Guest

    But you also have to Burn the Boot files, a simple ISO Image does not have boot files
    jack, Jun 22, 2007
  11. Seagull

    jack Guest

    When you are playing around like this its wise to use CD-RW Disks..
    jack, Jun 22, 2007
  12. Seagull

    El Chippy Guest

    You are showing your ignorance again Woger. An iso is an image of the
    complete disc. From start to end, including boot sectors.
    El Chippy, Jun 22, 2007
  13. Seagull

    Gordon Guest

    Plain incorrect, Roger old chap.
    Gordon, Jun 22, 2007
  14. Seagull

    Craig Sutton Guest

    Is this the one? download then open the iso image file from the menu of your
    burning software and burn it. Then make sure your pc is set to BOOT from the
    CD Drive. It should run it
    Craig Sutton, Jun 22, 2007
  15. Seagull

    Bongo Guest

    What the hell are you on?
    Bongo, Jun 22, 2007
  16. Once upon a time I might have agreed. But ...

    1) Write-once discs are so cheap now, you're not saving much.
    2) The disparity in speeds between writable and write-once media means it
    costs you extra in time to use the former.
    Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Jun 22, 2007
  17. Seagull

    -=rjh=- Guest

    Now, here we have a perfect example of the Dunning-Kruger effect in action.
    -=rjh=-, Jun 22, 2007
  18. Seagull

    Dave Taylor Guest

    You asked thew wrong question. It should be "how do I burn an iso with
    nero version xyz." Ask google.
    Dave Taylor, Jun 22, 2007
  19. Seagull

    Fred Dagg Guest

    No, no, no!

    The iso obviously burnt! It booted to Dr-DOS (which is what happens),
    but then couldn't read the rest of the files.

    OP: Either the download (ISO) is corrupted, or it didn't burn
    properly. You don't have to go off and download some other shitty OS
    or figure out what you've already done. It is simple.

    Try burning another copy. If that still doesn't work, re-download the
    ISO. If that doesn't work, your CD-Writer is probably playing up.
    Fred Dagg, Jun 22, 2007
  20. Seagull

    Fred Dagg Guest

    Do you drive from Christchurch to Dunedin via Wellington, too?
    Fred Dagg, Jun 22, 2007
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