How to import digital photos from iPad to Linux using USB cable?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Pat Wilson, May 9, 2014.

  1. Pat Wilson

    PeterN Guest

    If it's working for you, then you shouldn't switch. Gimp o bviously
    works for a lot of people, and that's great.
    PeterN, May 14, 2014
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  2. Pat Wilson

    PeterN Guest

    While there are always exceptions, people who like they are doing for a
    living, will outperform someone who is only working because he/she has to.
    A professional artist who doesn't like being an artist, would not be one
    for very long.
    PeterN, May 14, 2014
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  3. Pat Wilson

    Whiskers Guest

    why does that even matter?

    the problem is that devices are vulnerable to juice jacking.

    once that's fixed, it won't matter what hardware is behind a public
    charging station because devices won't be able to be juice jacked and
    all you will get is +5v.

    why are you opposed to that?

    a usb device starts at 100ma and negotiates additional current.

    and phones don't suck 5 amps. even tablets only want 2 amps, and both
    must request it from the charger.[/QUOTE]

    Don't confuse a dumb charger with a computer or a 'smart charger'. A
    dumb charger will have a single output voltage (or a manually set
    voltage) and an inherent maximum current 'load' it can handle (and some
    form of overload protection, one hopes). No requesting or responding
    happens, the device is plugged in and completes the 'output' circuit of
    the charger so that current starts to flow - as much as the charger can
    provide, if the device is capable of handling more than that. Original
    USB sockets are only required to deliver 1.5 amps at 5 volts (although
    some can in fact handle more than that). (iPads, 'Nook' tablets, and
    some 'mobile WiFi hotspot' gadgets, can take up to 2 amps if the socket
    can provide that much).

    'USB 3' devices can draw more than the previous standard maximum of 1.5


    ,---- [ ]
    | HILLSBORO, Ore. – July 18, 2012 – The USB 3.0 Promoter Group, in
    | conjunction with the USB 2.0 Promoter Group, today announced the
    | completion of the USB Power Delivery specification, which enables
    | increased power delivery through USB cables and connectors. The
    | specification expands cable bus power capabilities in USB applications,
    | supplying higher voltage and current to deliver power up to 100 watts
    | over USB Power Delivery certified cables. It is capable of delivering
    | higher power to charge notebook PCs and power external hard-disk drives,
    | devices which previously did not receive adequate power from traditional
    | 5V bus power.
    | [...]

    In case that isn't clear enough, 100 watts at 5 volts means 20 amps. Or
    of course, 5 amps at 20 volts.
    The USB standards under which Apple's designs began, did not preclude
    what Apple did; nor did those same standards preclude the shorted data
    wires or absent data wires used by other makers.
    Correct, they don't have to be. They present no security or privacy
    problems. But you can't tell by looking whether a socket is in fact a
    safe dumb charger, or something quite different.
    Only Apple devices look for such 'compliance'. Others only want to be
    able to tell a computer from a dumb charger (and computers want to tell
    a data-handling device from something like a beer cooler or a desk fan
    that just wants power).

    As it happens, the USB standards are being adjusted to specify the
    limits of Apple's approach. That doesn't make it a good idea.
    I don't hate Apple at all. I recommend Apple computers etc to
    non-technical people who can afford them, and have done so since the
    '80s. I'm too poor, and too techy, to find them appropriate for me (but
    if someone were to give me a nice Apple laptop, I certainly wouldn't
    Whiskers, May 14, 2014
  4. Pat Wilson

    Aragorn Guest

    Read back through the thread to ascertain to whom the pronoun "they"
    pertains. The "they" I am talking of is the GNU/Linux and Free Software
    ecosystem. The "they" you are talking of are the commercial producers
    and artists.
    Yes. Does that surprise you?
    Not anymore. The capitalist system can't handle a person with
    disabilities, so I am legally officially disabled.
    Which is a lie. Just because you don't find any applications there of
    your personal liking doesn't mean that nobody else does.

    Here, get a clue...
    See for yourself...
    GIMP allows the user to select the optimizations in real time. But that
    is either way not what "code quality" stands for. Code quality is about
    the number of bugs per a certain amount of lines of code.
    Not everyone has that luxury, and it would appear that the people
    working for proprietary software vendors are among the ones who don't
    have that luxury.
    I seriously doubt that. Microsoft has been a leading software merchant
    for decades already by way of their vendor lock-in and bundle sales
    strategies, while the quality and usability of their software has always
    been the worst of the entire IT landscape.
    If you buy one copy of a proprietary software application and you
    install it on more than one computer, then you are breaking the law and
    the very premises upon which the proprietary software industry is built.

    If you want to debate usage statistics, then browser identification
    strings linked to a public WAN IP address are definitely the wrong way
    to get to the actual results. Usage statistics depend on the number of
    machines - whether physical or virtual.
    Most of the UK's official websites are Microsoft-only - courtesy of the
    mansion that Bill Gates bought for Tony Blair - and as of early last
    year, so are all of South Africa's official websites and educational
    facilities. South Africa banned all Free Software after the South
    African government struck a deal with Microsoft.
    OS X is still only a minor player, and Apple doesn't really care much
    about OS X adoption, because their focus is on devices running iOS.
    I guess that's why the city of Munich converted its entire IT
    infrastructure over to (a tailored version of) GNU/Linux last year then?

    Oh, and then there are these guys...

    And here's an interesting article on GNU/Linux adoption in general and
    how hard it is to actually get to the numbers...
    I can say the same thing about you. Your needs must be very simple if a
    proprietary software vendor can supply you with all that you need, and
    all while taking away your freedom to run the machine that you paid for
    with your own money.
    I have never used Lightroom, but I have used Photoshop and Illustrator.
    No it doesn't. GIMP is modular and can be extended (and scripted).

    Illustrator is another type of software and cannot be compared to GIMP.
    GIMP is the equivalent of Photoshop. Illustrator is DTP software. I
    don't have much experience with that on GNU/Linux, but I do know of
    Scribus. I have it installed here. Maybe I should experiment a bit
    more with it.
    Yes, they inherited it via their acquisition of Macromedia, which was
    now how many years ago? And it's still crap. No, in fact, it's even
    worse now than when Macromedia was still an independent company.
    Only for those so indoctrinated. That's a philosophical matter and one
    that belongs to an unfortunately very large subculture, which just as
    unfortunately still has the majority stake in Earth's civilization.

    Personally I see more value in cooperation than in competition and the
    system of mandatory "quid pro quo".
    If you have to screw around with it, then it means that you haven't
    understood it properly.
    That's the same false logic as Microsoft has been using as a means to
    propagandize against Free Software. It's an argument based upon fear-
    mongering, because for anyone who overcomes that fear and actually does
    the math, the result is always the opposite of what is claimed.

    In fact, if there were any veracity behind your claim, then Microsoft
    would never have had to falsify their own report on the TCO of GNU/Linux
    versus Windows, which they did by comparing a Windows license and the
    acquisition cost for a personal computer to GNU/Linux running on a Sun
    Your supposition is false.
    It's the least of my worries.
    Sure. But I don't speak C. I used to write software in other
    languages, and that was a long time ago. And no, it wasn't commercial
    software. It was for personal use, both by myself and within the
    organization I was employed by.
    Aragorn, May 15, 2014
  5. Pat Wilson

    Aragorn Guest

    The administration of the city of Munich. And that's well over one
    million computers.
    Android is not GNU/Linux. It's a (modified) Linux kernel with a Java
    runtime engine on top of it, and everything else on it is written in
    Java, which is and has always been a serious exploit vector. Android
    isn't even a multi-user system.

    That which most people call "Linux" is actually GNU/Linux, a Free & Open
    Source Software UNIX clone.
    Aragorn, May 15, 2014
  6. Pat Wilson

    Aragorn Guest

    Bundle sales. Most personal computers come pre-installed with an OEM
    license to Microsoft Windows, and most of the big name PC vendors -
    there are exceptions - can't get out from underneath that because of the
    fine print of the OEM deals.

    If they were to also offer PCs with another operating system alongside
    of their Windows offer, they would have to pay up to three times more
    for each individual Windows license. Some vendors can afford that -
    e.g. Dell, IBM, et al - but most of the smaller brands can't.

    Furthermore, Microsoft's persistent refusal to comply with
    internationally agreed-upon standards means that Microsoft customers are
    effectively locked into the proprietary Microsoft document formats.
    False premise. "The" computer does not equal "personal computer". Over
    70% of the Internet is powered by GNU/Linux computers, and of the
    remaining 30%, the vast majority runs BSD or another UNIX variant like
    Solaris or AIX. Only about 5% of those does not run a UNIX variant, and
    those would be the no longer supported openVMS machines, perhaps an
    occasional Netware server, and small number of Windows servers.
    OS X is for most part based upon FreeBSD, with about 20% of proprietary
    software added. FreeBSD is Free & Open Source Software.
    Aragorn, May 15, 2014
  7. Pat Wilson

    Aragorn Guest

    Okay, then please cite those big GNU/Linux advertising campaigns. Links

    Also, please cite any mainstream news publications in which news
    GNU/Linux distributions - which come out all of the time - are being
    described, and in full, with complete photoshoots and interviews, from
    all those journalists who are being invited to grand opening parties
    with lots of champagne and loud droning music.
    GNU/Linux does not have any customers. It has users.
    Any sufficiently indoctrinated Win-droid or Mac-droid will always have
    problems using Free & Open Source Software, because it's not what
    they're used to.
    Aragorn, May 15, 2014
  8. Pat Wilson

    Aragorn Guest

    You really must be quite a narcissist if you actually believe that Chris
    can be bothered with that. I've known him Usenet-wise for many years,
    and he's not a hypocrite.

    I do however see in you an ardent Mac advocate. Fine, but alt.os.linux
    is not the place for Mac advocacy, and I'd be thoroughly surprised if were a more apt place for that. I don't see the words
    "apple", "mac" or "advocacy" in the names of any of the two groups. In
    other words, your Mac advocacy makes you a troll in alt.os.linux.

    *We* don't go over to your house either to tell you that your furniture
    stinks, that your wife is a stupid bitch, that your daughter looks like
    a cheap slut and that you have no taste in wallpaper.

    We run GNU/Linux because we like it for what it is, for what it offers
    us, and for the freedom it grants us, which you and your fellow
    proprietary software advocates are trying to steal away from us in order
    to make a bigger buck for yourselves.

    Can it. Be an adult. Respect other people's opinions, even if you
    don't agree with them. And that goes for your friend "nospam" as well,
    and whatever other sock puppets you guys need to play out in order to
    get your point across.
    Aragorn, May 15, 2014
  9. Pat Wilson

    J. Clarke Guest

    No, laddie, it isn't. Illustrator is a vector-drawing program while
    Photoshop is a raster-drawing program.

    The Adobe desktop publishing product these days is InDesign.

    Now you may go back to your theological debate.
    J. Clarke, May 15, 2014
  10. Pat Wilson

    Aragorn Guest

    Yes, I've heard of that. And here is a list of vector-drawing software
    of which much exists for UNIX in general or GNU/Linux specifically, many
    of the suites released under the GPL or a comparable license.

    Inkscape is a name that rings a bell to me personally, albeit that I've
    never used it.
    Perhaps you should tell your fellow "Apple is God" fanboys, who are
    posting their crap to a GNU/Linux-specific newsgroup, fully aware of how
    they are soliciting a flame war.
    Aragorn, May 15, 2014
  11. Pat Wilson

    Aragorn Guest

    I forgot to include the link...
    Aragorn, May 15, 2014
  12. Pat Wilson

    Tony Cooper Guest

    You have the ability to delete from the newsgroup
    line in order to stop the replies from this group. The computer gods
    help those who help themselves.
    Tony Cooper, May 15, 2014
  13. That is not true.
    Multi-user is well and alive in android, it is used differently though.
    It is used to sandbox different applications
    Peter Köhlmann, May 15, 2014
  14. Pat Wilson

    J. Clarke Guest

    Doesn't matter whose religion it is, it's still religion.
    J. Clarke, May 15, 2014
  15. Pat Wilson

    -hh Guest

    So in other words what you're telling us is that 74% of the population of
    the city of Munich are Government Administration employees?

    74% is the number one gets when we take your claim ("over one million
    computers") and divide by the reported population (1.353 M).

    Care to re-think that one a little bit?

    (FYI, as per articles on the subject, Munich had successfully converted 12,000 or 15,000 seats).

    (Also FYI, the Munich initiative was primarily a top-to-bottom IT
    reorganization, performing such functions as consolidating 20+ different
    data management systems into one. As such, the OS that they happened
    to choose to use was extremely minor in the overall scope of the project).

    Getting such basic facts wrong does not bode well towards the rest of your claims.

    -hh, May 15, 2014
  16. Pat Wilson

    -hh Guest

    Or perhaps you should read the headers in better detail?

    This thread is being cross posted to <>, and what you're
    reading are customer feedback statements as to why "Solution X" is inferior
    for their use case.

    Because you don't like what the customer is saying, you're berating and
    insulting them, trying to claim that you know their needs better than they do.

    Nice going.

    -hh, May 15, 2014
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