how to implement Services Interface Tier (web services)

Discussion in 'MCSD' started by Szymi, Nov 3, 2003.

  1. Szymi

    Szymi Guest


    I have a big intranet application consisting of many tiers
    (data tier, business tier, presentation tier ...)

    The business tier has been developed as .NET components
    and includes many classes (business entities and DALC).
    All of them use object oriented approach, thus I have
    classes which are named as business entities for
    example, "Person", "Document", "Site". Those classes
    consist of many properties and methods which also use oop.
    Due to that while using business tier I can write
    following code:

    Person p = new Person(12);
    p.SetStreetAdress(new StreetAdress("Five avenuee", 123);

    and so on...

    Now I need to implement funcionality of those objects as
    Web Services (to use them for example while developing
    Smart Clients).

    I would like to maintain object-oriented programming
    model. (From within Smart Client application code I would
    like to have a possibility to work on my classes).
    I did not find any pattern which will provide me with such
    I would like not to use .NET remoting.

    Is there a way to write some kind of interface-pattern
    between my business classes and web service consumer
    application so that that object-oriented structure would
    be maintained (it is not important to pass only SOAP data
    (so far I used to write webservices implemeting some of
    business functionality but object-oriented pattern was
    devastaded, the second approach was to write business
    entities as webservices but there are already hundreds of
    classes so I have to implement pattern rather than rewrite
    them all)


    Szymi, Nov 3, 2003
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