How to get rid of "ghost" system messages

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by DaveF, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. DaveF

    DaveF Guest

    XP Home SP2. I installed a new printer about 3 weeks ago.
    As part of the Canon instructions, they said if the "Found New
    Hardware Wizard" dialog appears, to hit Cancel. I did and
    the dialog closed. The software installation then proceeded
    using Canon's own procedure and it seemed to be successful.

    But every time I boot up the same Wizard dialog still pops up.
    Also there is a yellow balloon in the tray that says "Found New
    Hardware - multimedia hardware controller." The Canon
    printer is the only new hardware I have installed in months,
    and I don't even know what a "multimedia hardware controller is."

    Within the last few days I uninstalled the Canon software via the
    "add-remove hardware" dialog (I had to return the printer to
    the retailer because it would not print properly).

    But the Wizard dialog and the yellow balloon still appear
    evert time I start up. Does anyone know if there some way I
    can zap these two annoying messages ?

    BTW I don't have any utility software for Windows problems if
    that is needed.

    Thanks, DaveF
    DaveF, Oct 9, 2006
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  2. DaveF

    Jerry Attic Guest

    This message has nothing to do with your printer. It has evrything to do
    with a software driver for some "multimedia hardware controller" which
    you may or may not have unintentionally uninstalled. The driver may have
    even become corrupted somehow. If you go to Control
    Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager, you will probably see a the device
    responsible highlighted with a nifty exclamation point in a yellow
    circle. You didn't mention who made your PC, but if it's something like
    a Dell or HP, you can go to their web page and download the driver. It
    will probably be under drivers for your soundcard.

    Jerry Attic, Oct 9, 2006
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  3. DaveF

    DaveF Guest

    Thanks for the clues Jerry. Under Device Mgr there is:

    - Other Devices:
    - Multimedia Controller
    - Multimedia Audio controller
    - Multimedia Video controller

    There is a yellow question mark, without exclamation point,
    at each of the 4 entries.

    It seems the other artifact I want to get rid of -- Found New Hardware
    Wizard is related to this, and not the recently uninstalled printer I

    When I click on any of the yellow question marks it leads me to
    reinstall drivers and "If any CD came with your device put it in now"
    (or something like that).

    I have 2 or 3 CDs that came in the motherboard box from the corner PC
    store where the unit was built. When I get enough courage I'll put
    them in the CD ROM drive in turn until something good happens :) (The
    sound card was built into the motherboard).

    Actually I'll probably wait 'til tomorrow and look for the fellow who
    built it a year ago. Shops are closed today - Thanksgiving day
    holiday in Canada.

    Thanks again Jerry
    DaveF, Oct 9, 2006
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