How to get a new tab to load home page?

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by W. D., Aug 14, 2005.

  1. W. D.

    W. D. Guest


    This took a while to figure out, so I'd like to make
    it easier for others:

    Apparently, if you want a brand new tab to load your
    home page in FireFox--you are out of luck using
    FireFox's "native" functionality. You need to add
    an "extension" (not "extention").

    Mozilla had this functionality at some point:

    Look for "browser.tabs.loadOnNewTab" at:

    and you will see:

    What should be displayed in a newly created tab

    * -1 : Browser startup page
    * 0 : Blank page
    * 1 : Your homepage
    * 2 : Last visited page

    Supposedly, if you were to type in:


    in FireFox, the configuration file would
    show up and you could type in:


    and that setting will show up. Then,
    supposedly, right click, "Modify".

    Don't even try it. It doesn't work!

    More scattered info here:


    Back to how to get it to actually work...

    In order to get a newly opened tab to load your homepage,
    you need to employ an extension.

    The extension that allows you to do this is called:

    Tabbrowser Preferences

    Info on extensions:

    Info on Tabbrowser Preferences:

    To load "Tabbrowser Preferences", you will need to allow your
    browser to allow Web sites to install software. Normally,
    this should be TURNED OFF for security. To temporarily turn
    it on, mouse to:

    Tools -> Options -> Web Features

    Click on "Allow Web sites to install software" to enable
    this ability. Click on OK.

    Now browse to this page:

    Go down the page a bit and click on:

    "Install Now"

    A window shows up, displaying the URL:


    and an "Install Now" button. Click on the button.

    The Extensions window shows up, downloads the Tabbrowser Preferences
    extension, and shows up in the window.

    Close the Extensions window once it has installed.

    Immediately go to Tools -> Options -> Web Features

    Click on "Allow Web sites to install software" to DISABLE
    this ability. The checkbox should be UNCHECKED. Click on OK.

    You have now loaded the Tabbrowser Preferences extension. However,
    you will need to close FireFox in order for it to work since
    this extension loads on startup.

    Shut down FireFox, restart, then mouse to:

    Tools -> Options -> Tabbed Browsing

    Look in the window for:

    [-] Load the following in new tabs

    If it has a [+] sign on the left, click on it and you will see:

    Browser's home page (in newly created tabs)

    Check this check box. You will probably want to
    check the radio button:

    (*) Load this in the foreground

    If you already have a "New Tab" button on one of
    your toolbars, then you might want to disable the one
    that Tabbrowser Preferences creates. To do so, mouse
    down to:

    Show the new tab button on the tab bar (requires restart)

    Uncheck the check box. Click OK.

    Now to get everything working, close out FireFox, then
    start it up again. When you open up a new tab by
    clicking on the "New Tab" button or using the keyboard
    shortcut of "Ctrl-T", your home page should show up
    in the new tab window.
    W. D., Aug 14, 2005
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  2. W. D.

    Old Gringo Guest

    All I do is click the new Tab button on the toolbar and then click
    the homepage button. But have never found a need to do that.
    Old Gringo, Aug 14, 2005
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  3. W. D.

    Jedi Fans Guest

    or you middle click the homepage button... lol
    Jedi Fans, Aug 14, 2005
  4. W. D.

    Old Gringo Guest

    :) My middle click does a auto scroll. New tab or old. I am still
    running os and mouse from the 90s. <g>
    Old Gringo, Aug 15, 2005
  5. W. D.

    Jedi Fans Guest

    well linux is there if ya want it... free, open source, this year.
    constant development [list goes on :p]
    Jedi Fans, Aug 15, 2005
  6. W. D.

    Old Gringo Guest

    I do not have enough experience to take on Linux. Maybe one day I
    will give it a try. It has taken me 12 years to get use to the many
    versions of dos and Windows.
    Old Gringo, Aug 15, 2005
  7. W. D.

    Jedi Fans Guest

    i switched 2 or 3 months ago after trying a live cd of suse and knoppix
    n i am still learning but am competant now, and google is a great help
    for problems if there are any ;)
    Jedi Fans, Aug 15, 2005
  8. W. D.


    Sep 27, 2009
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    Jedi writes:

    ... that's all well and good unless you own a laptop. Seriously, I remember when there was something in the Options dialog where you could specify in "Tabs" that you wanted it to open to your homepage every time you open a new Tab. The only reason I can think of that would cause them to remove that functionality would be if Opera sued them ... or some such nonesense ...
    balinhansen, Sep 27, 2009
  9. W. D.


    May 9, 2012
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    craiga24, May 9, 2012
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