How to Get 10 Meg email spam from Usenet Participation

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by George Orwell, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. A supposed anti-spammer hosts a spam and stalker domain and is presently
    in his 20th day of off-topic malicious spamming of Usenet newsgroups
    himself!! This is a response to his spam and his knowingly supporting
    other spammers and a stalker.

    Read about Rich Tietjens pal, THE x-no-archive stalker (Sanford
    Wallace) starting at:
    Disgusting. is the IP home of this guy!!

    It was written:

    In the experience of some people, the best way to
    end up with 10 megs+ of email spam instantly is to "cross"
    hypocrite "anti-spammer" Morely Dotes -- actually
    Rich Tietjens of . He is a Usenet spammmer (proven)
    and he has supported the spam and extortion of THE x-no-archive stalker,
    whose domain ( he hosts on his VERY own IP !!! He knowingly
    supports this guy who has posted harassment of several individuals
    off-topic to many newsgroups and who does nothing but post
    thousands of x-no-archive posts to stalk and harass. PLUS:

    Get Rich "with a temper" Tietjens mad and I know of a persons
    email which increased in a matter of days by 10 Meg per day.

    This would be much in-line with the other stalking and harassment
    done by the CABAL (of which Rich is the self-proclaimed "Master").
    THE x-no-archive stalker, who Rich supports is also associated with
    staliking and harassment of several people on Usenet -- in groups he
    never participates in; numerous forgeries; and terroristic threats
    in email (right after 9/11). This is the kind of man Rich Tietjens
    and his friends are.
    George Orwell, Jul 1, 2004
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