How to create a wireless network at home with two separaterouters/switches and one Internet connecti

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Polaris431, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Polaris431

    Polaris431 Guest


    I live in a large house. I have a DSL connection that comes into a
    room on the floor where I live. The router is a Fritz!Box WLAN. People
    on the floor above me share my Internet connection by using the WLAN
    connectivity of the router. Unfortunately, the house is so large that
    the Wi-Fi signal is only adequate for the floor directly above me. I
    want to avoid installing cable. My idea is that I would install a
    wireless router or switch on the floor above me. The signal strength
    would then be strong enough to cover the floor above. I have a few
    problems though in understanding how this will work. First, my router
    acts as an Access Point and currently the users on the floor above me
    use wireless adapters to connect to it. Now if I install a wireless
    router or switch, it isn't clear how they connect to my Internet
    connection. I am not sure if I need a wireless router or just a
    wireless switch (if such a thing even exists). I do understand that
    some wireless routers can be setup to act as a switch. Regardless
    whether it's a switch or router, it probably needs to be configured to
    connect to my wireless network and route traffic to those who connect
    to it. What does the IP address and Gatway need to be set to on the
    router/switch? Do the user's PCs need to have fixed IP addresses or
    are they retrieved from the wireless router on their floor or from my
    router? I'd appreciate it very much if someone can clearly indicate
    what steps I need to take to get the floor above me to share my
    Internet connection using an additional router or switch. There are
    not that many users on the floor above me (about 4 or 5 users).

    Thank you.
    Polaris431, Feb 15, 2009
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  2. Polaris431

    James Egan Guest

    What you want is a repeater bridge. dd-wrt firmware on popular linksys
    (or other) routers or dgteam firmware on some popular netgear routers
    will do the trick

    James Egan, Feb 15, 2009
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