how to covertly disable a window AC

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Johnny, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Johnny

    Johnny Guest

    I want to secretly disable a window air conditioner. IE make it not be of
    much use. Ideally I'd like to make it not cool and blow cold air anymore. Or
    decrease it's effectiveness to cool air substantially.

    My house mate uses the AC in his room often, thus jacking our electricity
    bill up. To top it off, all of his money is blown away and he can never pay
    his portion of the electric bill until the day we are to be cut off.

    Aside from the obvious talking / discussing the issue, back to the main
    question. How could I covertly make this window AC unit less desirable to
    use and minimize it's effectiveness to cool? The ideal remedy would be one
    that could be hidden and not figured out what happened, i.e. snipping wires
    inside would be noticed upon inspection. I'm not sure how to drain coolant
    on window ACs.

    Any tips are appreciated. Thank you.

    Johnny, Sep 16, 2007
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  2. That countercurrents your aim. When you lower the efficiency, the thermostat
    will keep it running longer and draw even more current. When you cut the
    wires to the compressor, it will be like a simple fan with low power
    consumption, but your mate will notice quickly. When you just "readjust"
    the thermostat, he will still feel hot and change settings to achieve the
    same rate of cooling (and power consumption).
    You either have to _improve_ efficiency by regular maintainance (cleaning
    the fins and filters) and keeping windows/door closed when the device is
    Do NOT make it leak. You may change fuses to a weaker type so they blow
    every time the unit turns on, that would for sure annoy ...
    wisdomkiller & pain, Sep 16, 2007
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  3. Your thinking about this has gone off track. Disabling the AC isn't
    really the answer. The answer is to get the guy to cooperate willingly
    or get someone else to help with expenses. Tell him you have someone
    else who pays regularly that wants to rent the space and he needs to
    decide if he's going to either change or get out. Tell him she's a
    beautiful wahine and you'd rather have her as a roomate anyhow.
    =?ISO-8859-1?Q?R=F4g=EAr?=, Sep 16, 2007
  4. Johnny

    Mike Easter Guest

    Bad idea. Bad in concept and bad in execution.
    You are describing your theory and evaluation of a fairness
    inequity/discrepancy. Your assessment may not be correct.
    You are not thinking properly, which also suggests that your earlier
    assessment is more likely to be incorrect.

    You aren't thinking properly as a fellow human being, you aren't
    thinking properly as an AC technician, you aren't thinking properly as a
    'criminal'/vandalizer, you aren't thinking properly as a lawyer.

    If you were thinking better as a human being, you would seek a more
    cooperative strategy. If you were thinking properly as an AC
    technician, you wouldn't be trying to decrease AC efficiency to reduce
    its power consumption. If you were thinking properly as a criminal
    vandalizer you would realize the likelihood of your attempt at a covert
    action to be discovered. If you were thinking properly as a lawyer, you
    would realize the potential legal/ethical consequences of your act being

    One complicated resolution strategy which you and your roommate could
    devise would be for you to think like a human being and a lawyer and an
    accountant and establish an AC control cooperative.

    You would determine in advance who is going to be 'in charge of' that
    AC's thermostat or off/on status for all of the time periods for the
    next month, say by the week. That is, week1 he is in charge, week2 you,
    week3 he, week4 you, or some other division to make it completely fair.

    At the conclusion of each week, the 'in charge' person has to pay an
    amount equal to 1/4 of the previous month's electricity bill. This
    accounting is to keep either of you from being behind on electricity
    bill charges, and the AC control cooperative is so that he isn't in
    total charge of it and so that you aren't in total charge.

    There are other strategies which could be devised to solve some problems
    with that strategy, such as the 'unfairness' of your being in charge of
    the AC settings for a unit which is in someone else's room -- but the
    recommended AC control cooperative would be more fair than his usurping
    an unfair share of the electricity and your devising bizarre remedies.

    Maybe your roommate sees your theory as to the inequities of his power
    consumption compared to other inequities in the living arrangement in a
    different light than you do. Maybe the whole scheme should be examined,
    not just your theory of the AC power consumption.
    Mike Easter, Sep 16, 2007
  5. Johnny

    Phat Sam Guest

    "Secretely?" Hmmm, well, you could pull the cover off when he's not
    looking and cut the coils.... that should do it.... Probably be a lot
    cheaper to set his bed on fire and line his floor with a thick
    Chase him with a butcher knife... That usually gets him to move out
    just as quick....
    Phat Sam, Sep 18, 2007
  6. Johnny


    Jun 14, 2012
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    In sympathy



    You do seem to have a lot of very reasonable, ethical people on your case. I am the exception since I suffer from the constant noise of an air conditioner in the window of the next house, just feet from my window. It's operation prevents me from opening my window and makes being in my (small) room unpleasant--both because of the bothersome noise and because of the feeling of being imposed upon. If I had a way (without being caught) to destroy that air condiitoner, I would act without hesitation. I am thinking there must be something I could spray into the condensor from the back the would smell bad. I am not a bad or evil person, generally, but reasonable, responsible ways of dealing with this seem beyond me emotionally and practically.
    Aragornelxii, Jun 14, 2012
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