How to convert XML file to OPML File ...

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Tom Denford, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. Tom Denford

    Tom Denford Guest

    I have an XML file (exported using RSSReader) and need to import (?) it
    into FeedReader. FeedReader only supports OPML format as far as I can see.

    Does anyone know how I can import or convert this file to so I have my
    feeds available in FeedReader?

    Many thanks.
    Tom Denford, Apr 24, 2005
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  2. Tom Denford

    why? Guest

    Just what's needed another format <groan> more so since it's just simple

    I can't wait to see what standard arrives for binary XML.
    If you mean this version of FeedReader, you didn't say
    Supports all major syndication formats: RSS 0.9, 0.91, 0.92, 1.00, 2.0
    plus Dublin core and Slashback extensions
    Try or I suppose write a simple bit of XSLT.

    From Google,

    Welcome to XMLSoftware
    .... Simple XML editor with built-in transformation functionality and
    (syntax ... is a full-function XML editor, not a conversion tool, that
    manages the XML ... - 101k - 22 Apr 2005 - Cached - Similar

    Development - FreeMind - free mind mapping software
    .... 2.3 Why not use OPML for storage instead of FreeMind's native XML
    format ... It should be easy to create conversion XSLT between FreeMind
    and OPML. ... - 43k -
    Cached - Similar pages

    Export IE Favorites To OPML file!
    .... of a tool that can transform a .xml file to .opml file, need this
    badly. ... was merely simplifies the process by making it a more direct
    conversion. ... - 45k -
    Cached - Similar pages

    Interop soup: MOA2, METS, IMS, RSS, OPML
    .... XML standards popular on the web for news, content, and weblogging
    syndication ... OPML is used by Userland for such things as outlines in
    Radio and ... - 31k - Cached - Similar

    why?, Apr 24, 2005
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