How to Convert DVD to Mainstream Video Formats on Windows and Mac

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    DVD is the first choice for many people when they want to watch movies at home. It has high quality picture, different subtitles and audio tracks and most important, some of the DVD movies are more enjoyable than than the cinema one.
    However, when we travel, when the disc is broken, when we want to backup the DVD movies, when we want to share the movies with friends, when we want to make usage of the movie, what should we do?
    I reprinted this guide to show you how to convert DVD to different video format both for windows/mac users.

    Part 1: How to Convert DVD on Windows with DVD Ripper


    Step 1: Load DVD
    Put your DVD to your DVD Drive and click “Load DVD” button to add your DVD
    Step 2: Choose Profile
    Choose your output video profile from a drop-down list.
    Step 3: Start Conversion

    Part 2: How to Convert DVD on Mac with DVD Ripper for Mac


    Step 1: Load DVD
    Click the “Load DVD” button, find the DVD folder of the movie you want to add from your DVD-ROM, and Click “Open”.
    Step 2: Choose output profile and settings
    Selecting output format is really easy, you can chose your output format according to your devices players and the default setting works great.
    For a veteran of digital player, you could customize your own settings by clicking “Settings” button to chose your own video resolution, frame rate, bit rate, encoder, etc.
    Step 3: Start Conversion

    If you want to convert both DVD and videos, here is a really powerful
    DVD Converter Suite. It can help you to convert DVD and videos easily. It can also help you to backup the iPod music and videos to your computer.
    hearsweat, Jun 2, 2011
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