How to burn MPG files to a DVD...

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by ngjunkie0011, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. ngjunkie0011

    ngjunkie0011 Guest

    ....using freeware(free programs!) so can watch the DVD with any DVD

    I was searching the forum for a post that helps me to do this but all
    the posts were ambiguous with links to software that I have to buy and
    I'm getting a little frustrasted.

    I bought a new PC and a card that allows me to record TV episodes
    while Im away at work so I can watch them later. The program that
    came with the board records the episodes in mpg format.

    Here is the tricky part, the version of nero that came with the board
    doesn't allow me to burn mpg's onto a DVD. It looks like nero expects
    another format other than MPG in order for me to burn the MPG.

    Is there any freeware that will allow me to convert an MPG to a format
    that nero will burn?

    Or is there any freeware utility/program that will automatically
    convert and then burn an MPG onto a DVD ?
    ngjunkie0011, Jun 14, 2006
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  2. ngjunkie0011

    Bill's News Guest

    To make a "DVD" video from a captured video it helps if the capture
    card/software is making "DVD" compliant MPEG2 files to begin with.
    Whatever software one uses to "convert" these to "DVD" should then
    simply perform a copy-like operation of the MPEG2 files, while adding
    "DVD" navigation, to create IFO/VOB sets. On a multiple HDD system,
    this is a fairly quick operation, much less so on a single hard drive.
    If you must have a menu to play the single video you've "authored,"
    then the software chosen must give you that option.

    If your MPEG files are NOT compliant with the "DVD" standard, then
    they must be re-encoded to meet the standard - which is quite time
    consuming - before "authoring."

    I believe Nero will "author" either compliant or non-compliant, but I
    seem to recall that it will re-encode in either case? I don't use
    Nero for that purpose, so have no personal experience.

    On another hand, if your DVD player is capable of playing MPEGISO
    captured files, then you should be able to simply burn the MPEG2 files
    as DATA - even Nero will support this function - and save yourself all
    the "authoring" and possible re-encoding hassle.

    If your captures are of commercial laden TV shows, then you might want
    to acquire a decent "editing" package to strip them out. VideoReDo is
    superb at this and costs a mere US$50. In this case too the files
    must be rewritten after editing and is likewise much faster on a
    multiple HDD system than a single HDD.

    DVD players which handle MPEGISO are as low cost as US$50.

    Freeware programs which handle MPEG2 video don't really exist due to
    licensing requirements, but the purchase of the capture card implies
    you intend to do this often and the small cost of the above mentioned
    amortizes quickly.
    Bill's News, Jun 15, 2006
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  3. ngjunkie0011

    Bill's News Guest

    I forgot to mention that Nero might balk at files larger than 2 gig,
    but it will allow you to write them to DVD. Some players which handle
    MPEGISO files will also handle files larger than 2 gig, but many will

    While editing out commercials you can split the file into chunks of 2
    gig or less; or, if your capture card/software supports it, you can
    have it break the capture into smaller chunks on-the-fly.
    Bill's News, Jun 15, 2006
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