how to block spam in ng's via t-bird?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by bbb, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. bbb

    bbb Guest


    Does anyone have any tips or pointers on how to block spam in
    newsgroups? I'm using t-bird.

    Can't seem to locate any option to filter based upon cross posting, or
    by organization: (which seems to be the big
    offender lately).


    No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the
    continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea,
    Europe is the less, as well as if promontory were, as well as if a manor
    of thy friend's or of thine own were. Any man's death diminishes me,
    because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for
    whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.
    bbb, Apr 22, 2008
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  2. bbb

    M.L. Guest

    Does anyone have any tips or pointers on how to block spam in
    Use NewsProxy with Tbird to do just about any kind of filtering you'd
    like. Everything about NewsProxy can be found at one of the links below,
    including download, tutorial and filter samples.
    M.L., Apr 22, 2008
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  3. bbb

    Whiskers Guest

    Thunderbird has very limited usenet filtering. If you don't want to
    switch to a different program for reading and posting to newsgroups,
    consider installing a local 'news proxy' with filtering features of its
    own. See the link to the Usenet Improvement Project below.
    As far as the rubbish from Google Groups is concerned, see
    Whiskers, Apr 22, 2008
  4. bbb

    why? Guest

    Do you know how many times the subject of filtering out spam has been
    asked lately? No, oh well I don't either, because

    a) I can't be bothered looking it up,

    b) Know how to do it in the apps I do use. RTFM a bit.

    c) Haven't checked in

    d) Didn't try
    Add-ons - Privacy and Security
    Support - click on Looking for Thunderbird Support?
    and the FAQ.

    * How do I use the spam filters?

    e) Nor read the Moz wiki for Thunderbird.

    f) for thunderbird spam filter

    Some of the msg headers found include,

    An introduction to Thunderbird, part 5 (spam filters) - OSA

    How to Turn on the Spam Filter in Mozilla Thunderbird or Netscape ...

    Thunderbird:Help Documentation:Dealing with Junk E-mail - MozillaWiki

    Is more Spam getting through Thunderbird's Junk Filter lately ...

    Thunderbird - Reclaim your inbox
    Mozilla’s Thunderbird 2 email application is more powerful than ever.
    .... the fabled seek-out-and-destroy-spam option -- prepare to be
    pleasantly surprised. ...

    Cactus Spam Filter for Mozilla Thunderbird

    Junk Mail Controls - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
    Don't think it does xpost yet, then look in / ask, write it yourself.
    End-User Support


    Projectwide Forums

    why?, Apr 22, 2008
  5. bbb

    VanguardLH Guest

    Thunderbird's rules set for news accounts sucks worse than Outlook
    Express, and Outlook Express is nearly powerless to eliminate spam.
    Both cannot test on even the overview headers. Filtering on the
    Message-ID containing "googlegroups" will get rid of a large portion of
    the spam (with some valid posts from users of the Google Groups
    webnews-for-dummies interface). Either look at using NewsProxy (aka
    nFilter; see or use a different NNTP client for

    NewsProxy has been dead for many years. Its author abandoned it and no
    one chose to support it afterward. I found it to be too flaky. It will
    go unresponsive and you will have to kill and restart it. This would
    happen several times a day (but they I do newsgroups at many different
    times during the day to fill the voids when I'm idle). If you visit a
    newsgroup that is very busy and has hundreds of thousands of posts
    (which would all be new upon your first visit), NewsProxy can't handle
    that and errors and often goes unresponsive so you'll have to restart
    it. It doesn't support multiple NNTP servers so you need to start a
    separate instance of it (using a different config file) for each NNTP
    server to which you connect which also means you will need each instance
    listening on a different port which means you need to configure your
    NNTP client to connect to it on a non-standard and different port for
    each instance (I used a batch file to do the config file setup and start
    separate instances of Newsproxy). I eventually couldn't stand all the
    restarts and discontinued using it.

    If you do choose to go with NewsProxy (because you are unwilling to
    trial various other NNTP clients to see which one you like better than
    can do better filtering, too), one of the Newsproxy downloads (a patch)
    is an .exe file that won't run. You'll get a message that it is not a
    valid Win32 application. That is because it was wrapped with an old
    WinZip self-extracting program that fails to execute. Just use a zip
    archive tool to yank the files out of the self-extracting .exe file
    (since it is just a wrapper around the .zip file and most good zip
    utilities should be able to extract from the data section that is the file contained therein).
    VanguardLH, Apr 22, 2008
  6. Sure.
    As far as filtering news goes, you're using a brain-dead news client.

    Here are the specifics for filtering GG posts with TB. Start reading
    at the top of the page; don't just scroll down.
    Blinky the Shark, Apr 22, 2008
  7. I've been using Dialog for years, switching from Gravity when I got
    tired of having to switch back and forth between newsservers to grab

    I wouldn't use anything else. ;-)
    Beauregard T. Shagnasty, Apr 22, 2008
  8. Oh, followup I should have included. For everyone's amusement I'll
    mention it again. Google Gropes spam goes away with just one line in the
    Dialog score file.

    [*] # The [*] means applies to all groups
    !setcolor(default;$c0ffc0) Message-ID googlegroups
    !markread Message-ID ""

    ...ok, two lines. I first set the background color to green so they
    stand out, then mark them as read. Toggling between Read and All
    (Ctrl-F2 <-> Ctrl-F1) allows you to see them and download bodies if you
    wish, for the all important 0.63% that are not spam.
    Beauregard T. Shagnasty, Apr 22, 2008
  9. bbb

    VanguardLH Guest

    One of my most critical criteria was that the message list could be
    sorted so watched threads would be at the top of the list. After all,
    the point of flagging a thread as watched was so that I could actually
    watch it, not go scrolling through dozens or hundreds of posts looking
    for where the flag was applied or having to change views. I've trialed
    a lot of different NNTP clients (but all for the Windows platform) and
    gave up on all of them. Not always because of not doing the sorting
    that I demand for watched threads but sometimes before of other

    I like the regex features in Xnews (but which other NNTP clients have)
    but couldn't stand the MDI style UI which had defects and the author
    apparently never bother to implement context menues so I'd have to keep
    going back to the toolbar. I don't remember if Xnews permitted
    multi-column sorting to let me put flagged threads at the top so the
    sorting was: primary sort key = watch flag, secondary sort key = date
    (while retaining them within threads and not flattened out as individual

    At the time that I trialed Forte Agent, and because I was using a *free*
    NNTP client (OE) for which I was looking for a *free* replacement, the
    free version just sucked. At that time, it didn't handle multiple
    accounts (you had to start multiple instances of FreeAgent with
    different config files specified on the command line) plus I detested
    the antiquated Windows 3.1 user interface (which they changed - and to
    look like .... yep, to look like OE). Now they don't even offer a free
    version so they are immediately dropped from a trial to find a free
    replacement for my free NNTP client already provided in Windows. Back
    when I trialed Forte Agent, I wanted to use regex for filtering but
    could only find it available in saved searches which couldn't be used
    for automatic filtering when retrieving headers, and was confirmed when
    I asked about it in the Forte newsgroup. I wasn't interested in having
    to manually execute saved searches and then manually select from the
    matched list to then manually delete them.

    I gave up on Thunderbird for newsgroups almost immediately. When I saw
    that there were less clauses or conditions in their rules than OE, poof,
    it got uninstalled. Actually I did test it for awhile but ended up
    having to post a lot in the mozilla newsgroups asking how to do this or
    that for which there were no plug-ins and continually ended up editing
    ..css files for options that should've been available in the Options
    dialog from within the program.

    I've tried [Super] Gravity, Xananews, Newsrover,

    Windows Live Mail isn't any better than OE (well, it has a couple new
    clauses plus the registry hacks for bottom-posting and
    signature-at-bottom are now options). WLM still seems too flaky and it
    abandoned putting the messages within a database file. The result is
    searches are a lot slower (Microsoft is hoping their uses implement
    Windows [Live] Search to make up for that defect). I'll probably keep
    WLM around because it supports the DeltaSync needed to access my free
    Hotmail accounts (Microsoft is dropping WebDAV - which hasn't worked for
    free accounts, anyway, since Nov 2004 - as of June 2008). I might use
    it as a backup to 40tude Dialog.

    In several past trials, I had also passed on 40tude Dialog because it
    failed to meet my critical requirement of putting watched threads at the
    top of the message list. You can add scripts to modify the program's
    behavior and they aren't too hard to figure out (but the documentation
    sucks because there isn't any that covers all internally-accessible
    functions within a script, and there is a limitation that you cannot get
    at the attributes or methods within an object although it was coded
    using Object Pascal). It failed my criteria in past testing but this
    time I decided to work with it for several days longer and see if I
    could configure or script it to work the way that I wanted. It helped
    that there were some pages showing existing scripts, some of which I
    could use to alter the behavior how I wanted. Obviously scripting to
    alter behavior is not what a casual user wants to do, is willing to do,
    or can do. It also helped that the folks in
    are responsive. I could never get a script to work 100% to score the
    watched threads to move them to the top of the message list (because you
    can sort on scoring). That is because the function to set the watch
    flag is actually a toggle: it sets or clears. As noted, I couldn't get
    attributes from an object so I couldn't tell if the message header
    object in the list had the watch flag set or cleared which meant that I
    couldn't detect when to set its score to 9999 (when set) or 0 (when
    cleared). The best I could come up with was to add a toolbar button to
    change the view to a custom one that showed all watched messages. I
    added a script to the group object so when I clicked on a group in the
    list that it would revert to the standard view (which I changed later to
    use a custom view that hid ignored-marked threads). That way, when I
    clicked on a group to go see its messages, all the non-ignored posts
    were seen in the message list, and then I could click on the toolbar
    button to then see just my watched threads. You can add a toolbar just
    for each pane, so I added one to the message list pane so the "watched
    view" button was close to the message list at the top of that pane. I
    also had to change the default option from just marking a single message
    as watched to marking the entire thread as watched that contained that
    post. So I managed to get within 1 mouse click of the behavior that I
    demanded regarding watched threads. It was a LOT more work that I
    wanted to do but allow me to configure 40tude Dialog to nearly and most
    easily accomplish what I wanted in behavior that the other NNTP clients
    would not. I've been having a fun time thereafter tweaking my scoring
    filters (which not only score but can colorize or drop posts).
    Obviously they can't do more when retrieving posts than what are
    afforded with whatever overview headers are supplied by the NNTP server
    to do the filtering when retrieving headers, but they still work after
    retrieving the message, so I can test on Path (for mail2news posters),
    NNTP-Posting-Host (if the unwanted poster uses an NSP that includes that
    header and it looks to be semi-permanent across many of their posts over
    awhile), I can use regex to better search the Subject headers for foul
    language or just better determine a sporger, like the MI5 idiot. While
    composing a reply, it also has a reformat toolbar button that reformats
    the quoted content (or your new content, too) to fit inside the
    max-line-length spec, something that is handy to take care of the
    a-holes that post using quoted-printable format. So, for now, I'm
    sticking with 40tude Dialog. It wouldn't have passed my testing for my
    requirements if it weren't for the ability to use scripts on objects,
    messages (not posts but triggers inside the program itself), and on
    events, and that was really a lot more work than I would normally endure
    - but I grew very dissatisfied with trying to use NewsProxy to get rid
    of the googlegroups posts that I was willing to work more at it this
    time in my last NNTP client trials.
    VanguardLH, Apr 22, 2008
  10. I think it will do that. You would need to add a rule something like ..
    well, I'm not sure at the moment, but it certainly will sort by Score.

    The rule would have to combine !watch with a positive number,
    Beauregard T. Shagnasty, Apr 23, 2008
  11. bbb

    VanguardLH Guest

    Below is the script that I wrote up. The problem is that I cannot sync
    to the current state of the watch flag because attributes of objects are
    not accessible in the scripts. That means I cannot determine when the
    score should be set to 9999 (when the watch flag is set) and when to set
    it to zero (when the watch flag is clear).

    Because of line wrapping, the trailing comments were moved to the next
    line. When pasting into Dialog's script editor, just backspace on the
    head of the comment line to move it back to the prior line where it
    applies. I tried using the AEnable() function but all that checks for
    is whether or not the object is enabled, and setting/clearing the watch
    flag is always an enabled object (when a message is the current object).

    // Set or clear watch flag (toggles current state)
    // Alt+M (enable "Set message score" checkbox)
    // Tab (move to value input field)
    if ( AEnabled('Watch') ) then
    begin // Set score = 9999 if watch flag is on
    // Enter "9999" for score
    // Enter "0" for score
    // Alt+O (OK button to close dialog)
    // Open message's properties dialog to change its score value

    I originally used this script in a custom object (i.e., toolbar button)
    to test it. I would give it the same icon as the Watch toolbar button,
    remove the Watch toolbar button, and customize the toolbar to use this
    script in its place. So when I set a message to be watched, it would up
    the score to 9999, and when I click on the same message to unwatch it
    then its score would get to zero. I would then sort the message list
    view by Thread, Max Score, Date. Those that were flagged as watched
    would be at the top of the list.

    Problem is that when you click on a watched message to unwatch it, the
    if-statement won't work to change the score to zero because the state of
    the watch flag cannot be tested (only whether the object to toggle that
    flag is available or not which is worthless).

    You could define separate toolbar buttons where one toggles the watch
    flag and scores at 9999 and another button whose script toggles the
    watch flag and scores at 0, but you are really *toggling* the watch
    flag, not setting or clearing it per se.
    VanguardLH, Apr 23, 2008
  12. bbb

    M.L. Guest

    Thunderbird's rules set for news accounts sucks worse than Outlook
    OEx can filter on some overview headers, including From and Subject.
    Filtering "google" in From should work.
    Not true, someone has decided to take it over.
    There is a perfect-running version out that does not have that old
    problem. Everything NewsProxy can be found at one of the links below,
    including download, tutorial and filter samples.
    M.L., Apr 23, 2008
  13. bbb

    VanguardLH Guest

    Only if the Google Grouper uses a GoogleMail account in the UK (and
    which didn't get to keep the domain after Google lost the
    trademark case that forced it to The From header shows
    Then show the URL to the site where it has been updated since April 2001
    since it got abandoned by its author.
    A binary file compare of NewsProxy.exe (1.2.0-b1) from and
    Newsproxy.exe (no version mentioned) from (whose download
    redirects to differs by all of ONE
    BYTE. The "new" one is 1 byte larger. All the other bytes *match*.
    Being 1 byte longer is not sufficient to add any code to fix NewsProxy's

    Both Newsproxy from and are version 1.20. The
    "newer" version of Newsproxy.exe contains 1 more byte, and that byte is
    the null character (0x00). Hardly anything noteworthy. There is a
    1.20-b1 (beta) version at that differs by 182,465 bytes (and
    is 1 byte longer) so there is a significant difference in their
    contents, but the beta version is not listed at (to The beta version is the one dated April 2001 and noted in
    the History page at It also seems the version at is the old non-beta version but someone added a null
    character to make it the same size as the beta version.

    If you download the newsproxy_1.20.exe install program from
    (which is from and the one from, they are the
    same. After the install, both will show files dated back to October
    1999 as the latest datestamp (I said April 2001 because that is what the mentions regarding the 1.20-b1 release
    which is just the Newsproxy.exe file).

    Someone has been pulling your leg, M.L. There is no newer version (but
    someone did add one null character to the Newsproxy.exe for no good
    reason). All does is point a which provides a
    mirror site for

    I downloaded NewsProxy 1.20 which is the same version from either (from the install pkg) or (from either their
    install pkg or the separate newsproxy.exe file). That is the version
    with which I had the described troubles under Windows 98, Windows 2000,
    and Windows XP (all 32-bit, all are different hosts).
    VanguardLH, Apr 23, 2008
  14. And the use of gmail also does not necessarily identify a Google Groups
    Blinky the Shark, Apr 23, 2008
  15. bbb

    elaich Guest

    Please do not post links or any info leading to this moron's site. He is a
    troll who is systematically trying to destroy alt.comp.freeware.
    elaich, Apr 23, 2008
  16. Is that bear butt or bear ass or whatever?
    Blinky the Shark, Apr 23, 2008
  17. bbb

    M.L. Guest

    NewsProxy has been dead for many years. Its author abandoned it and
    The url is the same as the tutorial/faq url. The person involved no
    longer allows direct access to his top domain webpage, but he does offer
    clues to his updating in the tutorial/faq and the readme file.
    Whatever. The fact remains that nfilter_120.exe from the download site
    works now, and it did not work before. It was changed by the saska
    M.L., Apr 23, 2008
  18. I might toss a link to that page from the Project.
    Blinky the Shark, Apr 23, 2008
  19. bbb

    VanguardLH Guest

    Very correct. I've seen lots of users of Gmail's free service who know
    how to use an NNTP client and server. I've seen lots of users of
    freebie Hotmail, Yahoo, BlueBottle, AOL, etc. that managed to figure out
    how to use newsreaders. Using a freebie e-mail account doesn't equate
    to being a Google Grouper. I only filter on the Message-ID containing
    "googlegroups" to drop posts submited via Google Groups.
    VanguardLH, Apr 23, 2008
  20. bbb

    VanguardLH Guest

    Really? I've only been in alt.comp.freeware for a couple weeks and
    haven't seen any of M.L.'s posts so he must not be too active over
    there. A Google Groups search in that group didn't find any posts by
    that nym. If M.L. is a nymshifter, what other aliases does he use?
    M.L. here used Outlook Express with IP addr of It
    doesn't match Bear Bottoms in alt.comp.freeware. So just who over in
    alt.comp.freeware do you think came over here to post as M.L.? From
    what I've seen in that other group, there are definitely some lovers
    over there that cannot keep from prodding each other but that doesn't
    mean some useful info doesn't show up for others not involved in their
    spat. After all, if you're trying to make a feather-filled pillow, let
    the geese fight to pluck each other and then pick up the feathers.
    VanguardLH, Apr 23, 2008
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