how remove some entry of crypto map

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by ted, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. ted

    ted Guest

    I try to remove crypto map sequence 10 from ASA

    no crypto map outside_map 10 peer
    no crypto map outside_map 10 transform-set

    clear crypto ipsec sa map crypto_map
    clear crypto isakmp sa
    clear crypto ipsec sa

    but i still get something like that:

    deb cry ips 127

    IPSEC(crypto_map_check): crypto map outside_map 10 incomplete. No
    peer ,access-list or transform-set specified.

    QM FSM error (P2 struct &0xd70bdac0, mess id 0xfb221102)!
    construct_ipsec_delete(): No SPI to identify Phase 2 SA!
    Removing peer from correlator table failed, no match!
    IKE Initiator: New Phase 2, Intf outside, IKE Peer
    local Proxy Address, remote Proxy Address,
    Crypto map (outside_map)

    # sh running-config | include crypto 10
    is emty so is gut ?

    thx for help

    ted, Jun 4, 2008
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