How NOT to dial with Sipura's dial plan ?

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Marc Zirnheld, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. I have a SPA-3000 whose PSTN interface is connected to an analog PBX
    extension, and the VOIP interface is SIP registered.

    I'd like VOIP incoming calls to be answered and connected to the PBX
    dialtone, so I managed to put something in the dialplan like <:>SO but
    it doesn't work.

    I solved the problem by automatically dialling some dummy digits that do
    nothing harmless to the PBX, but the goal would be NOT to dial anything.

    Has anyone a clue about that ?
    Marc Zirnheld, Mar 25, 2008
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  2. Marc Zirnheld

    Brian A Guest

    I THINK I understand what you are getting at.
    Normally the default dialtone would be for dialling the 'main'
    provider, that is the one that is registered as your incoming
    However, if you have working what you are wanting by dialling some
    digits then there is an alternative - a 'warm' line.
    In this case you can get the digits that you want to dial to be
    dialled automatically. Then it will be up to the configuration of the
    exchange to accept the numbers dialled after that.

    If you want a 'warm line' do this:-
    P4 <:12345>
    Here, if no number is dialled in the first 4 seconds of 'off hook'
    then 12345 is automatically dialled. Simply don't dial anything until
    you are routed, then dial the number you want via your PBX.
    If you want this to be routed via provider 4, on your gateway
    settings, for example, then add <:mad:gw4> to make
    P4 <:12345><:mad:gw4>
    So, in summary, for this example, pick up the phone, wait 4 seconds,
    the dial tone changes, then dial via your PBX.
    Brian A, Mar 25, 2008
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  3. Marc Zirnheld

    Brian A Guest

    I should also add that if you don't need to dial any digits then the
    following will work.
    P3, xx. <:mad:gw3>
    Here, after 3 seconds, a new dial tone is presented (sounds like the
    'unobtainable' tone). Then dial away. If you want you can put it all
    P3, <0:0044>[1-2]xx. <:mad:gw3>
    Here a UK number, starting 01 or 02, can be dialled, via gateway 3,
    after wating for the second dial tone which is presented after 3
    seconds of 'off hook'.
    Brian A, Mar 25, 2008
  4. No, you didn't understand. I want NO dialling be made by the SPA-3000.
    Dialling is to be done in audio DTMF after the (PBX) analog line
    dialtone (or voice message, if any) is heard at the remote end (where
    BTW there is a SPA-2100 and a cheap analog phone).

    The correct answer was: <:mad:gw> which I found after some (many) trials.

    This way, I have a PBX extension in a remote location and everything is
    transparent for the user, including tones, voice messages and hookflash.
    The drawbacks are:
    - getting the dialtone takes 1~2 seconds
    - CID is not transmitted
    - ringing patterns are not transmitted (PBX ringing varies
    depending wether the call is internal or from an inbound trunk)

    But these are small annoyances. We'll try to improve this later (mainly
    by setting direct peer-to-peer IP calls and not through a SIP

    Note: if you plan to do so, restrict the SPA-3000 access with the "Voip
    caller ID pattern" field (in the PSTN tab), otherwise anybody calling
    the gateway will access all your PBX features, including outbound
    Marc Zirnheld, Mar 26, 2008
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