How much would YOU pay for a dvd set? (Legend of Galactic Heroes)

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Invid Fan, Jul 1, 2003.

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    From :

    Dear North American fans of Legend of the Galactic Heroes,

    Dear North American fans of Legend of the Galactic Heroes,The Japanese
    DVD release of the animated epic that is Legend of the Galactic Heroes,
    consisting of 110 main story episodes, 54 side storyepisodes, and 3
    features, is now complete. It was shipped in March, but we would like
    to deliver an American release.. However, we don't know if there really
    is a market for this out there.
    So in order to assess the market, we'd like to do a survey on whether
    anyone would buy the Legend of the Galactic Heroes DVD set if it ever
    came out in English. 1500 positive responses will convince us of the
    viability. This survey is for a subtitled release.
    The Japanese release consisted of 47 DVDs (including 2 special features
    DVDs) at 231,000 yen (approximately 1,925 USD). We'd be making a new
    English version for an American release, so the price may likely remain
    about the same.
    This survey is done by Wright Staff Co., Ltd. of Japan, who owns the
    overseas license rights to Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

    Privacy Policy-----listed separately-----

    I will take this survey, which I indicate my promise to purchase the
    Legend of the Galactic Heroes DVD set (subtitled version) when it comes
    out. Please let me know about information regarding the release or
    related information about Legend of the Galactic Heroes

    So.... would anyone here plop down $2k for a dvd set?

    (for those interested in the history of this show, it was originally
    released in Japan as an LD only series sold by subscription. A small
    fan base paid an outragious price to fund a non-comercial and very good
    SF series)
    Invid Fan, Jul 1, 2003
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