How many Q's? How much time? 271 and 272

Discussion in 'MCDST' started by Teri, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Teri

    Teri Guest

    I would like to know how many questions and howmuch time I have for both the
    271 and 272 mcdst tests?
    I have searched everywhere!
    Teri, Jun 13, 2006
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  2. Teri

    Guest Guest

    Do a search in microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcse for "the Lamer constant"

    The reason you can't find your answer is because the answer is completely
    irrelevant to passing the exam. AND it violates the NDA.
    Guest, Jun 13, 2006
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  3. Teri

    Teri Guest

    That is just ridiculous. I know my stuff. It does not violate the NDA to tell
    someone to expect 271- 61 questions in 155 min and 272- 125 minutes and 50
    This is standard info and usually available for all cert exams and posted in
    the info about the exam on either the MS site or the Vue/Prometric sites.
    Yes there are adaptive exams. I would love to get one -- I could answer 12
    q's and leave.
    Why don't you get off your high horse, stop lashing and start learning how
    to be civil. If you can't manage to be helpful, your time would be better
    spent learning your stuff.
    Your posts are not clever. They are juvenile.
    See ya in class.
    Soon to be MCDST
    Teri, Jun 13, 2006
  4. I have never seen any information about exam lengths on websites for MS,VUE
    or Prometric
    The only website I found that kind of information is in the reviews at which tell you 70-271=approx50q/90min and the same for

    Comparing to my own experience for other exams and info given out by some
    people in these newsgroups, this info will differ pretty heavy and you'll not
    get any true answer until you take the exam by yourself.

    The current length of the exam will be found in your confirm e-mail from VUE
    when you schedule your appointment.
    The current number of questions is not found until you start the test
    Henrik Johansson, Jun 13, 2006
  5. Teri

    MitchS Guest

    Then why do you care how many questions or how long you have?
    Well, that goes without saying, but wait you just did...
    Well, you can't have it all.
    Not bloody likely...
    With your extensive training and certification, this site should have all
    you need.
    MitchS, Jun 13, 2006
  6. Teri

    Guest Guest

    << While I was at work, Teri spurted out:
    You don't know your stuff. Have you ever read the NDA?

    Here it is, verbatim:
    This exam is Microsoft confidential and is protected by trade secret law. It is
    made available to you, the examinee, solely for the purpose of becoming
    certified in the technical area referenced in the title of this exam. You are
    expressly prohibited from disclosing, publishing, reproducing, or transmitting
    this exam, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, verbal or written,
    electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without the prior express written
    permission of Microsoft Corporation.

    **Expressly prohibited from whole or in part....verbal or
    written...for any purpose...without the prior express written permission of
    Microsoft Corporation.**

    Because the number of questions is a variable, just as the questions themselves
    are, then the number of questions on the exams also fall under the scope of that
    statement. So yes, when you state the exact number of questions on an exam,
    you're violating the NDA. That's the way I read it anyways, if I'm wrong, then I
    hope that one of the [MSFT] types jumps in and corrects me. But since I (and
    many others before me) have been posting that statement for quite some time now
    with no intervention, we pretty much know it's the truth.
    Then why did you need to post your question in here? Why couldn't you have just
    spent a few minutes looking in the locations you have so cluelessly pointed out?
    Me thinks you're one of those attention hounds, just looking to rile people up.
    Or is it that you're used to getting the number of questions from your [email protected]
    friends, that will redily supply you with that information?
    Get a clue! We sell them pretty cheap at, but hurry before they're
    all gone. I have been nothing but help to you. If you fail to see that, then
    well....that's your problem.
    I wasn't trying to be "clever", I was simply stating a fact and being straight
    forward with you. If you can't accept that, or handle people being honest with
    you, then you need to reevaluate your existence and take up basket weaving or
    knitting or something that doesn't require anything more than a simplistic
    knowledge of 1...2...1...2...1...2...1....2.... Because I still fail to see how
    the number of questions in an exam is relevant. Would you fail if there were as
    many as 60? Or pass if there were only 50? Would you not be prepared enough for
    51? Or would you be too prepared for 49? What is your point??? And how does it
    fall into play with the scheme of studying for an exam? Ever been to college? If
    so, ever ask your professor *exactly* how many questions he'll be putting on the
    exam? He'd fu©king laugh you right out of school. And a majority of your peers
    would do the same damb thing.
    Um, doubt that. I can learn on my own without the assistance of people like you
    teaching others to violate the NDA.
    So, which dumps have you used? TK? ActualExamQuestions? Is Vinay a friend of

    I don't see how someone with those qualifications could ask such elementary
    questions. And why would you step down to MCDST if you're already MCSA, MCSE,
    and MCT. Personally, I think you're full of sh!t. Anyone can add a bunch of
    letters to the end of their sig to make themselves look good. I don't suppose
    you would provide your transcript id, so we can verify your certs?

    MCNGP #51
    Network+, Server+, Security+, Linux+, Project+, HTI+, e-Biz+, CTT+, CDIA+,
    Guest, Jun 15, 2006
  7. Teri

    Teri Guest

    Thank you Henrik Johansson for jogging my memory regarding the ExamCram
    series. That was extremely helpful to me. Full of refreshers and some of
    those arcane little details MS likes to test us on.

    I would welcome the opportunity to teach/slash work with you.

    Regarding Little Boy BD:

    How typical. Boys will be boys. Maybe someday you'll actually grow up.

    I now have my MCDST. I only got the cert because passing the cert is
    required to teach the classes, even if it is considered a "lesser cert."
    Personally, I feel that the MCDST merely has a different focus (XP, user, and
    application support) and is just as important as any other cert. That is one
    of the reasons I decided to teach it.

    That plus over 16 years of experience in the IT industry has shown me the
    importance of adequate troubleshooting for the enduser, who is ultimately the
    real point of the IT solution. It is not just about developing and
    implementing elegant technology. If it were, we could all just retire to our
    little "BatCaves" and play with systems.

    So Little Boy BD, I have worked as a consultant to small companies and large
    corporations. I have installed and managed systems with over 10,000 users,
    and I have taught around the world to hundreds of students.

    I posted a question because I knew the info was available somewhere but I
    couldn't find it. Since it was about the MCDST, I posted here. I thank Henrik
    for letting me know where I had seen the info before.

    Personally, I find this information relevant and helpful. It helps me to
    know what I will be facing in general. Is the exam 1 hour or is it 2 1/2
    hours? Can I expect that I will have less than 3 minutes per question? 2
    minutes per question? Just because this information doesn't interest you,
    does not mean that others won't find it helpful.

    FYI 70-271 (61 questions in 125 minutes for the test and 155 minutes
    including comments) and the 70-272 (50 questions in 95 minutes, and 125
    minutes including comments). This information does not violate the NDA. You
    are such a little wiener. Otherwise it would not be published in so many
    books, including ExamCram. Or do you think you know more than their lawyers?

    I passed both today with flying colors. Yes, I did study. But I also had 6
    years of prior experience in Desktop Support, which made it easier for me. It
    was like putting on a pair of comfy old shoes. There were some difficult
    questions that required extra thought, not just the knee-jerk answer.

    I have a lot of letters after my name, including masters degrees. I worked
    hard to achieve them and I am proud of my accomplishments. I also have the
    real world experience and knowledge to back them up.

    However, you are so insecure that the only way you can relate is to call
    others "lamers" and spend your time on a juvenile website. Your time would be
    better spent developing some social skills and maybe, oh just maybe, getting
    a life.

    I am glad that you can learn without the assistance of people like me. I am
    thrilled that I won't be seeing you in class. The world at large is a better
    place if you just stay in your little corner and diddle on your little

    Thankfully, I have not encountered students with your "lame attitude." I
    have had the pleasure of teaching students with open minds and a capacity and
    desire to master these technologies.

    So farewell Little Boy BD. I'm off to my life. 'Cuz I do have one. May you
    someday grow up.
    Oh, and just forthe record:
    MBA (also known as a Masters of Business Administration)
    JD (also know as a law degree)

    Teri, Jun 16, 2006
  8. Teri

    MitchS Guest

    <novel snipped due to memory constraints>

    Just out of curiosity where are your grad degrees from and why are you
    teaching IT rather than lawyering or businessing? I had a prof during my
    MBA courses that was a JD holder and he spent his time teaching management
    after a career in HR management. I just find these stories interesting.
    MitchS, Jun 16, 2006
  9. Teri

    Guest Guest

    << While I was at work, Teri spurted out:
    Oh isn't that cute....she like belittling people that she sees as "lessers" to
    her. Or does she just have a fetish for little boys?
    There she goes again...isn't that just cute...
    One more, cute, little time, just for good measure, huh? You feel good about
    yourself now that you've wasted, what 10, 20, 30 minutes belittling someone? Do
    that often? Practice on the Husband? You sound experienced. But see, I could
    site here and say I have a PhD in Computer Science with Masters in Physics, but
    what would it matter, you'd never believe me. Just as I don't believe a thing
    you've stated.

    So, have a wonderful day. Don't worry about me, ~sob~ ~sniff~, I'll be just
    fine. No really , ~sniff~ I will.
    Guest, Jun 16, 2006
  10. Teri

    Guest Guest

    Totally missed this earlier, too focused on work I guess, but if you already
    have your MCDST, then that would mean you've already passed exams 271 AND 272. I
    am correct in stating that, right Ms. Knowitalll? Ok, so if you've already taken
    exams 271 and 272, then you already know how many questions are on the exams.
    That, of course, would most certainly *have* to be the case, right, Ms.
    Knowitall? So then, if you've already taken exams 271 and 272, and you're
    already MCDST, then why in the h3ll do you need to know how many questions are
    on the exams (oh, and how much time they allot)? Are you taking them for good
    measure? Do you normally repeat exams that you've already passed? Are you PO'ed
    because someone else passed them with a higher score than you? What's the REAL
    story here?

    If you're going to lie, you need to plug all of your hole. Because when you lie,
    someone else is bound to plug your holes for you. Pun, Pun!!
    Guest, Jun 17, 2006
  11. Teri

    Veronica Guest

    I asked this question as well. My question was logistics based. My team
    will be driving nearly 8 hours to get to a testing center, as we're not in a

    I need to know how long the test takes so I can plan hotel rooms, etc.
    We're trying to put a budget together to get approved before we book the exam.
    Veronica, Sep 2, 2006
  12. Teri

    Teri Guest

    Hi Veronica:
    Just in case: expect 271- 61 questions in 155 min and 272- 125 minutes and 50
    Good Luck to you and all your team. :)
    Teri, Sep 2, 2006
  13. Teri

    Guest Guest

    That's fine, at least you explained the circumstances a little, but the way
    Teri phrased the question above looks like she wanted us to give specific
    information. Most of the hard working, Certified, people here are not
    willing to risk their certification status just because someone wants to
    make sure that the [email protected] they are using are up to date (which many
    people will do)

    If I were you (under your circumstances), I would plan for a 4 to 5 hour
    stay. The exams will generally range from 120 to 180 minutes, and should
    include the sign in process.

    As for the number of questions, DON'T listen to what Teri said, it shouldn't
    matter how many questions there are, if your people know the material, then
    the number of questions on the exam will not make any difference. Just
    because she may have gotten 61 questions on 271 and 50 questions on 272,
    does NOT mean that you will get the same number of questions on your exams.

    M$ has 1000's (nobody really has access to this info, so I'm only guessing
    at the number, it could be 10s of thousands) of exam formats and they all
    have certain variables, such as time and the number of questions. Passing
    this information on to, others such as yourself, not only violates the NDA
    that M$ has required all certified professionals agree to, it is also
    misleading....and I will disagree with Teri until h3ll freezes over, because
    I don't believe that anyone that has actually READ the NDA would so readily
    give this information up.
    Guest, Sep 3, 2006
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