How many of you Failed the 640-801 First Time?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by jetter2, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. jetter2

    jetter2 Guest

    Because I did...

    Just trying to see how many of you guys failed the CCNA exma on your
    first stab at it. I got an 815 today...just won't cut the mustard =[

    Self taught from a Sybex book, using Boson Exam Prep stuff.

    Obviously I need more practice.
    jetter2, Apr 15, 2007
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  2. Take the exam in two parts!

    I took 640-821(Intro) last week and scored very good.

    Study Material:

    Use the Cisco Press Exam Cert Library. It comes with two books, one
    for each exam. The books have practice questions and CD
    This is the preffered method of scoring well because you can focus on
    less material which gives you a better chance of understanding with
    more depth.

    815 is not bad by any means. I thought the simlets were confusing
    especially when you are being timed.
    Another recommendation:
    Use the ccna prep center....just use google and type "ccna
    prep center" and you will find the link.

    Wish me luck for part 2 of the CCNA next week.

    ciscopimpenator, Apr 15, 2007
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  3. jetter2

    jetter2 Guest

    Good Luck on the next part of the exam. I studied with Sybex
    Books..they write their books REALLY well, and I used their CD that
    came with the book, and took their tests...then I use the Boson Exam
    prep software for my test prep stuff.
    jetter2, Apr 15, 2007
  4. I sent you an email check it out!

    What areas did you score low on?
    I would go back and make sure you nail those concepts(ie subnetting,
    routing protocols, design and support)
    ciscopimpenator, Apr 15, 2007
  5. jetter2

    TunnelKing Guest

    I had the same problem, too much material and too little time especially
    when doing the sims which are not very straight forward. I had an 847 which
    hurts cause I was very close. Had I had about 30 more minutes or been able
    to go back and review questions I think I would have had about an 875. I
    was warned about the time situation prior to taking the exam, and tried to
    pace myself, but it quickly swallows you up and you find yourself behind in
    time very quickly after the first sim.

    However, when I inquired about doing the two exam approach I was advised
    that I should stick to retaking the 801 exam over the 811 and 821. As they
    said the 821 was pretty much questions, but the 811 exam is almost the same
    exam format and content as the 801 just different questions. This is what
    I been told, and from my experience of asking around about just what to
    expect on a CCNA exams, I get different stories and answers and different

    I am not sure of the difficulty level of the 811 vs 801, but I am tempted to
    go the two exam route. I used the Cisco Press and Boson exsim #3 which are
    recommended by Cisco and used in most of their material and their authorized
    training partners. But nothing really preps you for the labs. I had to
    blow through them. I know subnetting inside and out and seldom use a subnet
    calculator, and if I am off on a subnet ip, I usually correct it pretty
    quickly on the fly. I have enough spare equipment at work to build 5 CCIE
    labs over with every router, switch, and firewall in Cisco's inventory. But
    my point is, I found nothing really pertinent to develop a lab
    scenario/exercises that will help me on the exam especially if you have a
    budget of 15 minutes for each sim. I been looking for lab exercises that
    with revelancy to help prepare for the exam labs.

    I think I might go and try the 821/811 test route as most of my peers I
    talked to that failed 801 first, was successful the second time on the two
    test route.

    Good Luck to you,

    TunnelKing, Apr 17, 2007
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