How many damn video codecs does one need?

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by mark3e, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. mark3e

    mark3e Guest

    mark3e, Feb 9, 2011
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  2. mark3e

    jw Guest

    I've asked this question many times. Seems there were a lot of formats
    once used. Several are all but dead. For example, Real Player used
    to be very popular, these days its rare to find that format used
    (which I am thankful for, because not only did the RP software tend to
    crash regularly, but their software contained malware for several
    years). Quicktime was another often used that has faded in recent

    Most of what I see now are Windows Media Player WMP files and FLV
    files. Both work well. Aside from wanting to open some of the older
    type videos from RP or QT, and others, you really only need codecs for
    these two types

    That page you linked to is using FLV (Flash Video).
    I'm playing it right now using the K-Meleon browser, on an older
    computer run by Windows98se. I'm on a dialup connection, so it's
    slower than shit, but it's playing just fine.

    I installed the K-Lite pack years ago. Not sure if there are other
    codecs on here. I'm running Flash 10 which was not designed for
    Win9x. But I have special enhancement software that allows it to work
    in Win98se.
    jw, Feb 12, 2011
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  3. mark3e

    mark3e Guest

    I have Win XP Pro, K-lite pack, WMP 11 and Flash 10. I'm using
    Firefox 3.6.13 for the Web. I do have Windows Explorer 7, which I
    never use except to check out things if FF doesn't work on some page
    or other. WIndows Explorer also will not play the videos on that
    page. All I get is a pinwheel display which goes on forever.

    I use WMP for flv.

    I don't get it! :eek:(
    mark3e, Feb 13, 2011
  4. mark3e

    jw Guest

    I cant address your problem directly. I only use Win98 and Win2000.
    Older stuff on older systems. But if I can play them, you should be
    able to on your newer system. I also have Firefox 3.6.13, as well as
    K-Meleon 1.5.4. I can play videos in both.


    One thing you can do is get the addon
    "Download Helper". (For Firefox)

    Download the videos you want to watch from Youtube
    (download helper does not work on many other sites).

    Download the videos.

    Then get a standalone FLV player such as
    Youtube FLV player 2008 (thats the best one I've found).

    I dont recall where I got it, but the downloaded file name is
    (google that filename).

    Then play the FLV files offline. If you like them, you can save them

    I'm forced to watch videos this way. I'm on dialup and I refuse to
    watch them jerk along as they download, which can take a few hours for
    larger videos. I just let them download while I do other things and
    watch them later.
    jw, Feb 13, 2011
  5. mark3e

    mark3e Guest

    I use the FF add-on 1 click youtube downloader. It gives me a choice
    of downloading the videos as an FLV, MP4, 3G or PHD. I tried other
    downloaders but stuck with the 1-click because how simple it is and
    the choices it gives me.

    My problem is not downloading from youtube, but just playing many of
    those videos on various news pages. Those are the ones I'm having
    problems with. I don't care to download them; just play the dang
    I had Verizon DSL at one point. The dang thing was so slow that I
    still suffered from that lag nonsense. I have a Comcast cable modem
    now and that problem disappeared. The package I have is ten times
    faster than that crummy Verizon stuff, and it's about the same price.
    My sympathies for being on dial up. I was also until about 2-3 years
    ago. Things just got impossible on dial up. I finally had to move up.

    Anyway, I ain't gonna worry too much about why I'm having these
    problems with those news sites. It isn't that important. I was just
    wondering why it was.
    mark3e, Feb 13, 2011
  6. mark3e

    jw Guest

    On Sun, 13 Feb 2011 02:21:24 -0600, wrote:

    others, you really only need codecs for

    When you live ina rural area like I do, dialup is all I can get
    unlesss I want to pay a fortune for satellite tv and internet. I dont
    need the tv, the local channels are plenty.
    jw, Feb 13, 2011
  7. mark3e

    jw Guest

    I'll have to try this downloader. I like the idea of converting them
    to some other format. Flv files play well, but the high res ones seem
    to take quite awhile to load. Of course some of that may be just
    because I have an older and slower computer.
    Ok, now I have a better understanding. That video you linked in your
    original message played ok for me, but some of these bloated pages
    from CNN FOX, or even the local tv stations, Sometimes I cant get
    their videos to play either. But some of those pages have a dozen
    videos trying to load, animated pictures, scripts up the yingyang, and
    I think both my computer and my internet connection just go into
    overload and give up. Besides taking forever to load, I hate pages
    like that. They're even too much for my eyes to cope with. I prefer
    the older pages that had text and pictures only, and links to videos,
    not videos all over the main page. There are some sites now that even
    have the entire main page as a flash video. If flash is disabled, all
    you see is a black screen. I have to really want to see a page bad to
    evenwait for that crap to load. Most of the time I just exit the

    One other thing. I dont even have IE on here. For one reason, it
    seemed to always become the default browser no matter how many times I
    would set FF or another one as the default. Then IE was always
    crashing. I removed it. (only poassible in Win9x I was told). I
    like FF, but FF is slow to load, and uses quite a bit of resources. I
    tried Opera, and a few others and did not like them. Then I came
    across K-Meleon. I love it. It's similar to FF in some ways, but
    faster, uses low resources, and I often have 20 web pages loaded at
    once, plus other software. One thing I like best, it has buttons
    right on the toolbar to turn on/off JavaScript, Flash, Java, Cookies,
    Images, and also you can clear cache, and all of that without having
    to keep going into the settings all the time like in FF. And I'm
    constantly changing those settings anyhow, especially Java Script and

    The only bug in K-Meleon is that it tends to get script errors quite
    often on those bloated pages. Of course shutting off Java Script
    stops that. The only other thing they dont have much for help and
    support. Otherwise, I'd recommend trying it. I wish FF had those
    buttons on the toolbar.
    jw, Feb 14, 2011
  8. mark3e

    mark3e Guest

    The MP4 files are *much* larger than the same in FLV. However, for
    the poorer quality FLVs, MP4s don't help any.

    Any comp with dial up is going to have a problem with downloading
    videos. It's exasperating. That's the main reason I finally went
    with DSL.
    I don't have a problem with pages loading slowly. I do have a newer
    box plus the extra speed of Comcast. Any page that I cannot get to
    load quickly is usually one that is too busy with too much traffic or
    has a problem of its own.
    I dislike those pages that have a news link that leads to a video of
    the news item instead of an article. I hate those phony creeps who
    read the news and pretend to be journalists.
    Of course, you know the ultimate solution to your problems. You need
    a newer, faster comp with a high speed connection. But you already
    knew that. :eek:)

    P.S. I misspoke when I said earlier that I have DSL. Actually,
    Comcast is cable. After some months with them, I have absolutely no
    mark3e, Feb 15, 2011
  9. mark3e

    jw Guest

    I could use a faster computer but I'd still use Win98. I just dont
    like anything after that. What can I say....
    As far as the faster internet, I'd love to have that, but not at
    around $100 a month for satellite. Around here that's all there is.

    BTW: I tried that 1 click youtube downloader. I installed it and
    removed it 3 times. It just refuses to work. Or should I say it
    causes FF to lock up, I have to reboot, and then it shows it installed
    in the list of ADDONS, but leaves no icon for it in FF. I dont know
    why, but it just wont work.
    jw, Feb 17, 2011
  10. mark3e

    Justin Guest

    You're running a very old OS that is very unsupported. Have you looked
    at something like Ubuntu Linux instead if you don't like newer
    windows solutions?

    You do know that XP has a "classic" mode that makes it look very much
    like windows 98? Windows 7 also has a similar setting

    That way you can use a faster PC with more recent hardware and software
    features. I don't think you'll ever see USB3 on a win 98 PC, for example
    Justin, Feb 17, 2011
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