How long does it take to learn to play guitar?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by SILENCER, Feb 26, 2004.


    SILENCER Guest

    SILENCER, Feb 26, 2004
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    David Reid Guest

    I concur with silencer....

    But to be more explicit, it depends on you, and what kind of player you want
    to be. If you want to learn to play your favorite songs, and you have a lot
    of patience (or friends to give you pointers) then forget about lessons.

    If you want to learn to read and play classical style, take lessons.

    If you want to learn theory in addition to learning your fav songs, the
    taking lessons you MIGHT want to take lessons, but you can also do this on
    your own if you have LOTS of patience.

    I've been playing for a year and a few months (not that long) and haven't
    taken a single lesson, but i'm turning out okay....
    David Reid, Feb 26, 2004
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    Tom Lenz Guest

    One good way might be to go through Michael Hoffman's book 'Serious Guitar'.
    Tom Lenz, Feb 27, 2004
  4. I taught myself for the first I am taking lessons....honestly, I
    have been learning more these past 4 weeks with a teacher. If you don't do
    something right, he immediately shows me what I'm doing wrong and I can fix
    it before bad habits form.

    I highly recommend you learn all you can with book,online sites and still
    take lessons.

    This link is to all the sites that have helped me over the past year. Hope
    they help you, too.
    guitarprincess, Feb 27, 2004
  5. I never took lessons, but I did have a bunch of friends that gave me
    pointers. It takes quite a bit longer to progress, but it can be done. If
    I'd had the money, I would have probably taken the lessons. Of course, I
    never took snowboarding lessons either and I'm fairly proficient at that
    with no friends who are interested in it...
    Boardin' Fool, Feb 27, 2004

    SILENCER Guest

    I wish to god I'd taken lessons twenty bloody years ago. I have some
    horrendous habits. Those habits have contributed hugely my playing style
    and overall sound, to be sure.

    But I love the instrument, I love the gear, I LOVED being in bands, making
    records, the road, all that stuff. One of the best descisions I ever made
    was picking up a guitar after Black Sabbath: Volume 4 hit me over the head
    like a ton of bricks. It stewed in me until I was about 16 when I worked up
    the balls to buy an insrument.

    It wasn't until I saw Black Flag in a very small club (The Starwood in
    Hollywood) waaay back in 1979 or 1980 that I realized *I* could be in a
    band as well. I'll never forget the inspiration I felt that night. "Hell,
    if these cats could do it, their gear held together with duct tape, what's
    stopping me?"

    But man oh man I wish I'd had the patience for lessons.
    SILENCER, Feb 27, 2004

    default.User Guest

    It will take you 600 hours. 300 will make you happy.

    -kn (on 400 hours or so now)
    default.User, Feb 27, 2004

    Nitro Guest

    Hang out with other guitar players. You'll learn best that way. The
    time it takes is different for everyone.
    Nitro, Feb 28, 2004

    Azzz1588 Guest

    Yes !!!!!!!!! It all depends on motivation !!!!
    If you want it bad enough, you can do it,
    all it really takes is imigination, and LOT's
    of practice !!!

    My motivation came the week after Jimi Hendrix died,
    and I have been playing ever since. Been through many
    guitars over the years. Have now settled on a 1978 Gibson
    Les Paul The Paul, and a 1970 Telecaster owned by Danny Gatton.
    {Heavilly modified, Pricless !!!!!} Also a Yamaha acoustic.

    You do need to practice every day, even if only a little, but
    consistancy is the key, you must practice on a constant

    "Only a Gentleman can insult me, and a true Gentleman never will..."
    Azzz1588, Feb 28, 2004

    Paul H. Guest

    Paul H., Feb 29, 2004
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