How fast are my hard drives?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by R. Giggs., Aug 19, 2012.

  1. R. Giggs.

    R. Giggs. Guest

    Well I have jus done a normal reboot with the drives as they were just to
    make sure
    I can at least do that. Next step is to try and boot with just the cloned
    drive in!!
    R. Giggs., Aug 23, 2012
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  2. R. Giggs.

    R. Giggs. Guest

    lol I had to download you rmessage again because I am running on the gb
    drive, last time I was on the 80gb drive, which means success!!!

    I will reply to the end of the thread now!!
    R. Giggs., Aug 23, 2012
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  3. R. Giggs.

    R. Giggs. Guest


    I am not running on the cloned drive, the 250 gb drive I cloned to!!

    So that is briliant. Luckilly the 250gb drive was on cable select so I was a
    case of moving the topof the cable (convieniently marked master!) to the
    250gb drive and leaving the middle slave connector empty. Didn't even have
    to take the
    PC off the ground, which is a tricky operation because the video card is
    loose in it's
    slot and moving it can cause beepy problems.

    Another bonus is that it seems to run faster as in boot up which is I think
    expected as
    the figures I have are 133 Mbytes/sec max transfer rate for the 250gb drive
    ( Buffer to/from Host (max.) 133 Mbytes/sec against
    61 MBytes/sec (Sustained data rate (MB/sec) 61.1 - 29.6 ) for the old drive.

    So that is basically twice as fast I believe and it did seem to boot up
    nearly twice as fast!!

    So this is just great, I have an instantly bootable back up drive, I can
    switch to it
    in a minute or two, just move the master connector and I should be away!!

    For me that takes a lot of stress out of buggering about with the PC, at
    least as
    far as the software is concerned anyway, still possible to bugger the
    hardware up
    as I well know lol.

    I would just like to thank you Paull for all your help, you have been
    brilliant, that dive
    cloning software worked a dream and very easy to use, once I sorted out that
    shadow copy thing, which reminds me, I have just turned that back on and the
    system restore
    thing and recycle bin thing, nearly forgot about those, I need to remember
    to restart them
    on my other drives some time (bound to for get lol),

    Anyway thanks once again for ou help, I think I wil now test out how well my
    runs on this faster drive and if I notice the difference!!!
    R. Giggs., Aug 23, 2012
  4. R. Giggs.

    R. Giggs. Guest

    Actually thinnking back on it I may well I have done something with

    I might have done something like shown on thsi disturbingly long

    However I got it working somehow, so I either did that or my copy just
    happened to
    put the files in the right places.

    My machine is definitely a lot beter boot up time is almost halved and many
    things are faster where disk access is involved.
    R. Giggs., Aug 23, 2012
  5. R. Giggs.

    R. Giggs. Guest

    Well everything is working fine, the only issue if the new driver is a bit
    noisier than the old one, it
    a bit of a rumbler. I also have a 500gb USB drive, if that is quiter I might
    repeat the operation and
    clone this drive to the 500GB driver and use that one.
    Mind you before I cleaner the CPU heat sink out the noise of the fan drown
    all noise out
    apart form it self, it sounded like a jumbo taking off!!
    R. Giggs., Aug 26, 2012
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