How do you re-post an old thread in a newsgroup?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Jebediah Kornworthy, May 30, 2006.

  1. Hello all,

    Is this the best news group to post a question about newsgroups? Do
    you know of any others that are made especially for asking newsgroups type
    questions? I looked at a several and they didn't seem to have the answers I
    was looking for including the group news.newusers.questions which is has
    sadly been taken over by spammers.

    Here is my question. Is it ok (proper etiquette) to repost an old
    post without posting it as an attachment to the original? The reason I ask
    this is because I don't think that anyone would read an old post. The
    question that the person asked (in the original post) was a good one and it
    took me a little research to find the answer so I wanted to reposted his
    original thread as a NEW thread with his original post and my response to
    the post in hopes that he or others may see it. Any help you can give me
    would be greatly appreciated.

    Jebediah Kornworthy, May 30, 2006
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  2. Jebediah Kornworthy

    philo Guest

    If it's really might as well just start a new thread
    philo, May 30, 2006
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  3. Jebediah Kornworthy

    Jimchip Guest

    Spammers, trolls...
    The above doesn't make a lot of sense. Reply to the old post but include
    enough of the original post via "quoting" for the sake of context.
    To answer your speicfic question: You don't say how old the post is. Since
    you want to start a new thread then you should write your message. Include
    your words regarding your interpretation of the question and your answer.

    If the original message isn't too old then just reply to it, keeping the
    same thread. Your new message will be new and what you would be doing is
    quoting the old post for context, not "reposting" the old post.
    For a general start: (especially: "Of proper quoting"
    Jimchip, May 30, 2006
  4. Jebediah Kornworthy

    Jerk32 Guest is a fantastic group. Very helpful posters.

    I'm just about to go there myself actually, as I have a newsreader problem.

    Good luck.
    Jerk32, May 31, 2006
  5. Jebediah Kornworthy

    Whiskers Guest

    News.newusers.questions is a moderated group; there is no spam there at
    all. Perhaps you have been confused by the routine automated posting of
    certain FAQ-type articles there, which are in fact very useful and
    informative for new users. Or perhaps the news-server you are using
    ignores the moderated status of that particular group, for some reason, so
    that users of that particular server are seeing articles that no-one else
    sees, as they haven't passed the group's moderators.
    Better to start a new thread and include mention of the original thread in
    your article; perhaps include a link to the thread in Google Groups, so
    that anyone can see it if they want to. Starting your new thread in the
    same group as the original question was posted in, and using the same or
    connected subject, stands a good chance of attracting the attention of the
    original questioner - if they still read that group.

    It is possible to make a reply to an old article even if you haven't got
    the article itself in your local 'cache' or on your news-server, by
    creating the 'Subject' and 'References' headers manually. But you seem to
    be using Outlook Express as your newsreader, which does not provide that

    Another good way of answering an 'old' question is to email your answer
    directly to the person who originally asked, instead of posting to the
    newsgroup. Of course, that depends on the original poster having used a
    genuine email address to which he still has access.

    Combining both a new thread and an email to the original poster, should
    ensure both that your research gets an audience and that the OP is alerted
    to the response.

    Unless the newsgroup concerned is a 'binary' group, attachments as such
    will not be welcome and many servers will drop your article or strip off
    the attachment anyway.

    Re-posting other peoples' articles is generally considered 'bad
    nettiquette' - or worse.
    Whiskers, May 31, 2006
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