How do I switch to Programming ?

Discussion in 'MCSD' started by kade714, May 27, 2008.

  1. kade714

    kade714 Guest

    Need some guidance please:

    I have several years of experience in: desktop support, some server,
    and basic network. I started as a desktop person and thought I would
    move over to the networking side. Got my ccna and started on ccnp,
    but I don't feel satisfied. I feel more and more tired of this
    "support" role. I know IT is basically a support role, but I think I
    may be happier helping to create programs instead.

    I have basic experience from college years ago. Pascal, VB, Java.
    I'm starting to teach myself C# now.

    Anyway, would it be beneficial for me to get MS certified? Most entry-
    level programmer/developer positions are looking for recent-college-
    grads... so I'm not sure how to market myself.

    I understand MCSD is going away, so I can start on the new MCTS/MCPD
    path. What do those of you that have experience in the field think?

    How can I position/market myself for this new career? And am I only
    able to pursue entry-level jobs? I've thought about getting a
    Master's in CS, but that would take years since I need to continue to
    support the family.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks
    kade714, May 27, 2008
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