How do I slave my Hard Drive?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Pepperoni, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Pepperoni

    Pepperoni Guest

    You need to set one drive as Master, and the other as Slave. The jumpers
    settings may be on the drive, or you may need to check the manufacturer's
    site. Search for "hard drive jumpers" for numerous online tutorials, or
    try these:

    You don't really have much space to work with. Hard drives now cost about a
    buck a gig..... you could even scavenge another old drive and have 3-4
    times more space. 5 gigs on two drives is really minimal.
    Pepperoni, Apr 16, 2004
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  2. Pepperoni

    Splasher Guest


    I've never done this before (obviously!)

    I've just bought a secondhand PC and now want to use my existing PC's hard
    drive as it's master.

    Old hard drive is 1.7 Gigs
    New hard drive is 4 Gigs

    Both hard drives currently running Windows 95

    What I can do is:

    Plug in the plastic connector thingy (the multi pinned one) and the (smaller
    4 or 5 pinned one) to my 1.7G HD and it boots alright


    Plug in the plastic connector thingy (the multi pinned one) and the (smaller
    4 or 5 pinned one) to my 4G HD and it boots alright

    What I can't do is:

    Get them to work together.

    I've tried:

    Plugging them together, I.e 2 x (multi pinned one) and 2 x (smaller 4 or 5
    pinned one)

    When I do this I get a "No Operating System" message.

    I've also tried various permutations.

    I.e - 2 x (multi pinned one) and only connecting 1 x (smaller 4 or 5 pinned

    or 1 x (multi pinned one) 2 x (smaller 4 or 5 pinned one)

    Do I have to go into the bios at startup and physically change some

    Also what is the correct permutation for connecting the 2 hard drives


    Splasher, Apr 16, 2004
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  3. Pepperoni

    HF Guest

    Just set the jumper to 'slave' But it is not as easy as all that.
    Drives have a setting with a jumper at the back end.You should find details
    on the drive about settings. Some drives have a setting as master when a
    single drive and another in a dual configuration.So you may have to reset
    the master drive jumper(s). Best to go to the drive mfrs website and get
    all your information.Changing a drive to a different machine and therefore a
    different motherboard sometimes goes well but mostly not. Look at and you will find an article about it. (Also a lot of other
    useful info).
    HF, Apr 16, 2004
  4. Pepperoni

    WebWalker Guest

    To set the jumper for the 2 hard disks, just follow the instruction on
    label of the hard disks.

    If you set them correctly.

    When booting up (before the Windows screen appear), press "Delete" to
    call up the BIOS screen.

    From the BIOS, try to auto-detect your 2 HDs.
    WebWalker, Apr 16, 2004
  5. Pepperoni

    JD Guest

    If both hard drives are on the same IDE channel (the cable/IDE socket on
    the motherboard ) you need to set one to master and the other to slave ...
    simply look at the pins on the back of the drive they are usually marked so
    you know which is which .. there is another way you can connect them also ..
    set both Jumpers to CS (cable select) and put the master drive on the
    furthest away connector and the slave on the middle connector and obviously
    the last connector goes to the motherboard you might also have to go into
    your bios (basic input output settings) and configure the hard drives
    (usually setting them to auto works fine on older motherboards you might
    have to manually put in the settings)

    incidentally ide is an incorrect term as it's to do with western digital
    hard drives ATA is the correct term.
    JD, Apr 16, 2004
  6. Pepperoni

    Splasher Guest

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions

    I will be attempting this on Sunday and will post how I got on

    Splasher, Apr 17, 2004
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