How do I pin the command prompt to the start menu?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by ftran999, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. ftran999

    ftran999 Guest

    I know there is probably a simple answer for this that's gonna cause me to
    smack my head and say "why couldn't I figure that out." I'm using XP and
    have always had to Command Prompt icon in my start menu. However, a couple
    weeks ago I reformatted my HD and reinstalled everything. Now the CP icon
    is no longer in my start menu. In order to run CP I have to open the run
    dialog box and type in "command." Not hard to do I know, but it would be
    more convienent to just click on the icon. Could anyone explain how I would
    go about adding to CP icon to the start menu?

    Thanks in Advance
    ftran999, Jul 29, 2006
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  2. ftran999

    Toolman Tim Guest

    Start, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt. Right-click, select "Pin
    to start menu".
    Toolman Tim, Jul 29, 2006
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  3. ftran999

    ftran999 Guest

    Thanks for your help. Just as I thought, a simple procedure. (hangs head in
    ftran999, Jul 29, 2006
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