how do i make unattend install?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by macguy, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. macguy

    macguy Guest

    Ok, I have a link to make an unattended install from windows xp. i have a
    problem though cus my motherboard has raid on it. i don't use the raid, but
    i use the controller for it because it's ata133 and it's faster then ata100.
    so when windows boots from my xp cd it asks you to hit F6 for third party
    raid or scsi, i do this and then continue to install. now what i understand,
    the unattended install says you make the answer file, make a new windows xp
    cd with the answer file on the new cd. then you boot from the cd and walk
    away. when you come back you'll be at a desktop all done. How can I do this
    so it works on my raid controller? cus it asks you to hit F6 for third party
    raid and scsi drivers, then i insert my motherboard floppy disk which has
    the drivers. so how can i do this so i can insert the cd and walk away? or
    get it to use the floppy somehow and then walk away after it loads the raid
    controller drivers. cus if it doesn't load the raid controller drivers it
    can not see my hard drive and i can't install on it.

    thanks for help if anyone can help me out here.
    macguy, Oct 26, 2003
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