how do i edit source (like in IE, view..source)?

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by q_q_anonymous, May 12, 2006.

  1. how do i edit source (like in IE, view..source)?

    I tried the mozex extension, but can't see the options to tell it to
    open notepad. And besides, it involves a right click. i'd liek to know
    how to do it in mozex.

    though, it's not as nice as an option in the menu at the top 'cos i
    have a lot in that 'right click'/context menu
    q_q_anonymous, May 12, 2006
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  2. q_q_anonymous

    Miller Guest

    ** wrote on 12.05.06 05:18:
    lets you choose one or more favorite programs to view and edit
    the source. At least in FireFox and Thunderbird it gives you a
    toolbarbutton an an entry in the rightclick-menu for that.

    HTH, Miller
    Miller, May 12, 2006
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  3. thanks, that's nice., it uses source too.

    it's good enough. a flaw is that it doesn't automatically open the
    file, a box comes up and you gotta tell it to overwrite.
    I got viewsourcewith linked into Textpad. (splash screen off in
    textpad). works nicely.

    Another flaw is that when/if linked to Notepad it doesn't seem to get
    the CRLFs right when e.g. viewing google's index page. Whilst when IE
    launches notepad , notepad gets the CRLFs right.
    q_q_anonymous, May 12, 2006
  4. I wouldn't describe keeping the original single-character line ending
    off a *X system as a flaw exactly. Either IE or notepad assumes that's
    what you want, but I can think of circumstances where it'd be a bloody

    Have you tried using something like Context as a notepad replacement?
    It's a nice editor and gives you the choice about things like line-endings.

    You can then use the Web Developer Toolbar's 'View Source With' option
    to add Context as a viewer, assigning a keyboard shortcut as you go.
    Works fine here on XP.


    David H
    David Harrison, May 12, 2006
  5. thanks, that's a nice extension, had a misc...edit html which let me
    edit neatly on the side with an easy update, and it has a view..soource
    option that launches a selected app.
    The viewpagesource extension worked too,

    I usually use textpad, it's v good. I just tried ConTEXT, I noticed
    it's got an output screen, I don't really agree with that. It's trying
    to be a development IDE but can't be. e.g. a real one is usually
    specific for a language, so as to allow debugging with breakpoints,
    listing all objects , functions,methods,parameters
    As a text editor it's too hefty. As a dev IDE it's too weak.

    I only ever had line ending probs with notepad. I never even had the
    prob with wordpad. If I did have a *nix ascii file, I'm sure textpad
    could deal with it finely.
    q_q_anonymous, May 14, 2006
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