How do I change my google group posting name?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Sam, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. Sam

    Sam Guest

    Besides each post the person's name or nick name is posted. I wanted
    to put my nickname there, but how to I change it. I thought I saw it
    somewhere under Profile, but now I can't find it. thanks.
    Sam, Jan 29, 2009
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  2. There is a link to change your nickname just to the right of your name when
    you compose a message.
    The Real Truth MVP, Jan 29, 2009
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  3. Sam

    VanguardLH Guest
    Name field

    But why do you need to use Google Groups. In general, a Google Grouper
    are seen as boob's boob. They're at the low end of the brain-power
    spectrum for users. A large portion of posts coming from Google Groups
    are spam or point to malware. Lots of Usenetizens will block or
    killfile all posts from Google Groups ( Use
    a real newsreader and connect it to a real newsgroups server. There are
    lots of free newsreaders. There are few good free newsgroup servers,
    and some others are super cheap.
    VanguardLH, Jan 29, 2009
  4. Sam

    Mike Easter Guest

    GG googlegroups is a very bad way to read and post to usenet, such as this

    GG should only be used for searching GG or for posting to googlespecific
    groups. You should use a newsreader and a newsserver for reading and
    posting to usenet. If you already know how to use a mailuser agent such
    as Outlook Express, Live Mail, or Thunderbird, you know how to use a news

    You change your nickname (globally, for all groups) in 'My Account' -- the
    name field in Profile is not the same thing as your nickname (handle, nym)
    ie Sam here for your posts.
    Mike Easter, Jan 29, 2009
  5. Now you're going to have to explain "usenet". :)
    Blinky the Shark, Jan 29, 2009
  6. Sam

    Sam Guest

    Exactly, that is my question how do I change My Sam nickname to
    something else. As the other person mentioned to go to Profile,
    edit, name, that is no good (right now it is blank name), What I
    want to change is the nickname that appears when I post. tx
    Sam, Jan 29, 2009
  7. Sam

    Sam Guest

    Actually, there is also under google's account " Edit personal
    information" and one of the fields is Nickname, but the nickname that
    I have there is not what appears when I post. Is there two different
    nicknames. I can't find any menu in my googles account that even
    shows Sam, how is that possible.
    Sam, Jan 29, 2009
  8. Sam

    Sam Guest

    Yes, I have used outlook express before but did not like it as much.
    In googles groups with account, I can't keep track of all my post
    easily and from any computer. Also, in outlook express I found it
    more time consuming to find one of the threads that I posted in the
    Sam, Jan 29, 2009
  9. Sam

    Mike Easter Guest

    The account you are posting with here is the one which logs in as

    If you login to GG with that account, then click My Account, then in the
    section 'email address' click Edit, then you can access personal
    information which contains firstname lastname nickname. That nickname
    should say 'Sam'

    You can also see the Sam effect if you are logged in with the
    account and go to 'manage my memberships'. That
    membership settings allows you to set the nickname for all groups, or you
    can set the nickname independently for each group you participate.

    I suspect that if you are seeing something different from Sam, then you
    have become confused by a feature of google accounts which causes them to
    be logged into various google accounts when they have logged into one.
    For example, if you have a gmail account, when you log into gmail, then
    you are also logged into GG with that gmail account.

    But, you are currently posting not with a gmail account, but with a yahoo
    addressed GG account.
    Mike Easter, Jan 29, 2009
  10. Sam

    Mike Easter Guest

    If you are hopping from computer to computer, one strategy to enable you
    to use a newsreader is to use what is called a 'portable app' or

    Such as Mozilla Thunderbird is available as a portable app. You keep the
    portable app and all of its associated files on a 'thumb drive' - a USB
    flash drive. You put the thumbdrive in your pocket as you travel from one
    computer to the other and plug the thumbdrive into the next computer's usb
    port and fire up the Tbird.

    When you are using a newsagent, you keep up with the groups you follow and
    post to by subscribing to them. Depending on the newsagent, you can also
    flag or color or mark the threads you are participating.

    How many different computers do you use to access newsgroups such as this
    Mike Easter, Jan 29, 2009
  11. Sam

    Mike Easter Guest

    Last year, you were using that login address and the nickname 'lbbss' - so
    something was changed since then.

    When you are logged in, if you look at the top edge of the GG page, you
    will see your login identity.
    Mike Easter, Jan 29, 2009
  12. Sam

    Sam Guest

    I don't see manage account anywhere.
    Sam, Jan 29, 2009
  13. Sam

    Mike Easter Guest

    I previously said <snippage>:

    ..... then you (failed attribute or provide context) and said...
    Notice how your failure to properly attribute and context also leads to a
    failure to read properly and reply responsiviely to the precise words.

    If you would put your reply words right under cited words to which you are
    replying, the precise language would be apparent.

    I am saying 'My Account' (emailaddress edit nickname) and 'manage my
    memberships' (nickname) and you are saying 'manage account' -- some kind
    of cross between 'my account' and 'manage my membership' because you
    didn't leave my words to which you are replying in the little box you are

    You can reply in GG just like a real newsreader if you just do it.

    Here's an illustration of what your news message reply should look like. Q1: What is "quoting" in
    newsgroup postings? - Q2: How should I use the quoted text and arrange it
    with my own text?
    Mike Easter, Jan 29, 2009
  14. Sam

    Mike Easter Guest

    Use GG help.

    In GG, click Help (upper right) - provides a search tool with two buttons,
    one of which is 'search groups help'. Type in 'nickname' (w/o ' - without
    the quotes) and click the search-groups-help button..

    The top answer is 'How can I change my nickname?' - click that.

    That answer tells how to change/create a nickname when you join a group or
    wheneven you post a message. (But I think) That isn't the most
    'comprehensive' answer.

    The second answer/ searchresult/ is 'What's my Google Groups nickname?'

    That result/answer is more comprehensive. The first par gives a good
    explanation of what a nickname (handle/nym) is, and the second par
    explains how to change it using 'Manage my memberships'.

    Note that it also sez at the end "Note: any changes you make to your
    nickname in Google Groups won't be reflected on the My Accounts page."
    Mike Easter, Jan 29, 2009
  15. Sam

    Mike Easter Guest

    (While you are logged in with the appropriate account) Click this Manage my memberships
    Mike Easter, Jan 29, 2009
  16. Sam

    Mike Yetto Guest

    Don't make me sit you over on the Group W bench.

    Mike "anything you want" Yetto
    Mike Yetto, Jan 29, 2009
  17. Sam

    lbbss Guest

    Thanks, mike that explains it. I found where ""Manage my
    memberships" link was. There are at least two different places in
    google account where you can specify your nickname. I did not
    realize you could have a different depending in which news group you
    were in. thanks again.
    lbbss, Jan 29, 2009
  18. Sam

    Mike Easter Guest

    YW. Now we just need to:

    - get you trained in replying to newsgroup messages with attribution and
    trimmed context. If you are going to do no attribution or trimmed
    context, then you have to paraphrase or summarize the words which you are
    replying to, to manufacture context for what you type/say

    - encourage you to abandon GG as a method of reading and posting to
    usenet. If you would explain your exact 'needs' in terms of how you hop
    from computer to computer, perhaps the situation isn't as difficult as it
    might seem to you at first glance. Normally I would not be reading or
    replying to your posts because they/you/your messages would be
    'invisible'. I would not see you/ your posts/ because all GGers get
    filtered out because of the problems with 'bad' GGers of various types -
    spammers, trollers, and also hopeless newbies who cannot be induced to
    post properly because of their difficulty in overcoming the tribulations
    of using GG to post with
    Mike Easter, Jan 29, 2009
  19. Sam

    john sumner Guest

    That is why you will remain a clueless google grouper
    john sumner, Jan 30, 2009
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