How can I delete " Search Conduit. Com"

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Andy Petro, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Andy Petro

    Andy Petro Guest

    Every time I want to go to my Home Page I get " conduit . com "
    which gives me a home page that I did not ask for. It is a virus . How can
    I delete it>
    Andy Petro, Dec 10, 2013
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  2. Andy Petro

    Paul Guest

    The post at the bottom here, mentions Conduit.

    The recipe here, seems a little on the overkill side.
    Almost like using a collection of different sized
    baseball bats, to finish off an opponent.

    I would think steps 1,2,3 would be good. I'm not
    sure step 4 is all that interested in Conduit. I
    didn't think Malwarebytes went after PUPs.
    Step 5 is about as good as Step 3. Hitmanpro sends
    your files to the cloud for testing.

    There should be plenty of references to Conduit
    removal out there, and that's just a sampling of
    two of them.

    What I don't know, is what Conduit comes in with, when
    it attacks. Is it accompanied by other malware ?
    A PUP pretends to be legit, so coming in on a
    shower of malware wouldn't make sense for one of those.
    In other words, the staff at Conduit, think they're
    performing a service for you (/sarcasm).

    Paul, Dec 10, 2013
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