how are PrepLogic materials

Discussion in 'MCAD' started by michaelli, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. michaelli

    michaelli Guest

    Hello everyone.

    Has anyone used PrepLogic as a main preparation source
    for MCAD?

    I am using PrepLogic Cram books and its software, which
    includes some pratice exams. These materials are managed
    in pretty good ways, but I am no sure that are close to
    the real test. Are those pratice exams good?

    Could anyone drop me a line? I will really appreciate it.

    michaelli, Jan 22, 2005
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  2. michaelli

    bluelaser Guest

    I used examcram2 for 70-315 and 70-316. I only used preplogic for my 70-316
    and i did very badly at 33%. However, there was a great learning experience
    doing the preplogic preview exam. I believe this helped me pass my exam with
    900. The questions in preplogic are definitely much more difficult AND
    tricky. In fact i was so scared 70-316 would be that tricky but luckily it
    wasn't. Exams should be like preplogic, but then again, if it were i could
    have failed..:)
    bluelaser, Feb 3, 2005
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