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Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by ~BD~, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. I see how your logic works. You fool around posting URLS with a space
    or two in them. When someone who does not share your paranoia
    regarding the rest of the world around them clicks on those links,
    you accuse them of being "full of it" and of being a sock puppet. All
    this simply because someone lacks the egregious suspicion you
    yourself have in regard to the world around you. I think there are
    sicker people in here than one PCButts.

    As for the links I did revisit and correctly use, I still saw the
    same lack of any proof regarding PCButts damaging children. As for
    whether or not he does own the software he claims is his, I don't
    think that is a matter of such import that you destroy a newsgroup
    with your madness. Let the those who claim the software is really
    theirs fight their battle legally. If they don't care enough about
    it, why should you and others care? Why? Because you people have not
    much of anything else to offer except the anger and frustration of
    your own lacking lives. Yes, I know, I'm a sockpuppet. But sock
    puppet or not, my assessment of why this group is being destroyed is
    still accurate.
    Non scrivetemi, May 2, 2009
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  2. ~BD~

    ~BD~ Guest

    Please explain LEO in this context. Thanks.

    Having no power of prosecution must be frustrating - might this change?
    ~BD~, May 2, 2009
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  3. ~BD~

    ~BD~ Guest

    Thank you for that, David. Any reason why you could not/would not answer my
    second question?

    Perhaps this organisation could help:-

    Are you a member already, perhaps?
    Law Enforcement Online (LEO) will accept and approve members affiliated with
    the criminal justice system, intelligence communities, military personnel
    and governmental agencies associated with infrastructure protection of the
    United States. Other individuals will be considered on a case by case basis
    as determined by their role offering direct support to the Criminal Justice

    The Criminal Justice System consists of law enforcement agencies, to include
    campus police departments, correction agencies, probation and parole
    entities and prosecuting attorney's office on the federal, state or local

    Intelligence analysts from federal, state or local agencies will be accepted
    as members. Intelligence analysts working as contractors will be reviewed on
    an individual case by case basis.

    Active duty military will be accepted as members. Soldiers in a Reserve or
    National Guard status will be reviewed on an individual case by case basis.

    Emergency Management Personnel will be considered on an individual case by
    case basis. Emergency Personnel include, but are not limited to, Public
    Safety Directors/Commissioners and employees of state and local emergency
    management offices.

    LEO Program Management Office (PMO) reserves the right to allow temporary
    membership access to LEO for individuals who are participating in special
    events, exercises, natural disasters or training exercises with the time
    period of membership to be determined by the PMO.

    Sponsored Membership

    Contracted employees or non government employees with roles offering direct
    support of the Criminal Justice System

    Individuals whose positions are with Federal Government Information
    Technology (IT) systems will be permitted access to LEO. They must be
    sponsored by a bonafide law enforcement official.

    Individuals, not employed by a law enforcement agency, who are working as
    Intelligence Analysts for federal, state or local agencies must be sponsored
    by a bonafide law enforcement official.

    International Membership

    Sworn officers and intelligence analysts of foreign law enforcement agencies
    are eligible for LEO membership. All international applicants must be vetted
    through the corresponding FBI Legal Attaché (LEGAT) office. Non-Sworn
    employees from a foreign law enforcement agency will be considered on an
    individual case by case basis and must be sponsored as indicated above.

    Law Enforcement Sensitive Communications Access

    Any duly sworn law enforcement official from a law enforcement agency,
    whether federal, state, local or tribal, will be approved for Law
    Enforcement Sensitive Communications (LESC) Special Interest Group (SIG)
    membership. Intelligence analysts will be permitted access to LESC SIG.
    International sworn law enforcement officers will be permitted access to
    LESC SIG on an individual case by case basis.
    ~BD~, May 2, 2009
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