Hoping somebody with higher access then guest to Cisco's web site will help me on an altruistic ende

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by BikeZilla, Aug 15, 2004.

  1. BikeZilla

    BikeZilla Guest

    Hi All, I was hoping somebody could spare two secs and help me out a
    *whole* lot
    I need to get two files off of Cisco web site to get a DSLAM I've
    gotten handed
    down working. I can't afford a service contract with Cisco and I'm
    trying to a:)Learn
    about DSL b:)wire up a non-profit housing block with cheap internet

    I'm a student recovering from some health problems myself, so I'm not
    in really
    any position to be spending any serious money
    BikeZilla, Aug 15, 2004
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  2. BikeZilla

    none Guest

    Software Center Download Rules - Please Read Carefully.

    Before downloading this software please ensure that each of the following
    licenses and agreements are in place with Cisco Systems or a Cisco Systems
    authorized reseller.

    1. A software license. A Cisco Operating System Software license, such as
    IOS or CatOS, must be purchased for every device in your network that will
    run this software. Devices purchased directly from Cisco Systems or an
    authorized reseller will include a license for a specific Cisco Operating
    System software version and feature set. Licenses for application software
    such as CiscoWorks, Cisco Call Manager, and IP Contact Center are sold
    separately. Aftermarket purchases do not include software licenses.

    2. A valid service agreement. Resellers must have a valid Cisco Systems
    service agreement, such as Shared Support or System Integrator Support (SIS)
    or Software Subscription Service for every device and/or application
    software license. Direct customers must have a valid service agreement, such
    as SMARTnet or SP Base, for every device and a Software Application Support
    (SAS) or Software Application Support plus Upgrades (SASU) service agreement
    to download application software. Warranty coverage may not be sufficient.

    3. A feature set upgrade license. You must purchase a Cisco Operating System
    Software feature set upgrade license if the feature set you are downloading
    is not included in your initial license. Cisco Systems' direct and partner
    service agreements do not include feature set upgrades such as IP-Base to
    Cisco IOS Software Enterprise Services.

    By clicking 'Agree' below, you confirm that the download of this file by you
    is in accordance with the requirements detailed above and that you
    understand and agree that Cisco Systems reserves the right to charge you
    for, and you agree to pay for, any software downloads to which you are not
    entitled. All Cisco Systems Operating System and application software
    licenses and downloads are governed by Cisco Systems' applicable End User
    License Agreement/Software License Agreement. By clicking 'Agree' you
    further agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in Cisco
    Systems' End User License agreement/Software License Agreement and your
    service agreement.
    none, Aug 15, 2004
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  3. BikeZilla

    BikeZilla Guest

    I'm confused to the point of this message .....
    Cisco won't let people with a 'guest' registered account download software
    Although this hardware of course has the license
    BikeZilla, Aug 15, 2004
  4. BikeZilla

    Scooby Guest

    How are we supposed to know that you have the license for the file you are
    looking for? If you have the license, then you should have the software.
    If not, you'll have to work that out with Cisco.

    The point of the message is that if anyone helps you get that file, they are
    violating their own contracts with Cisco and subject to causing themselves a
    lot of trouble. While your cause may seem noble, I don't think anyone wants
    to risk their future relationship with Cisco just to help you. Sorry.
    Scooby, Aug 15, 2004
  5. BikeZilla

    BikeZilla Guest

    From the Cisco web page it says that when the hardware was
    purchased, you also purchased the right to use the software. And since
    I have this, it most of been sold. ergo -> I have the right to use the
    software. However I don't have to right to demand tech support from
    Cisco, however I'm asking here if somebody could help me. I know
    technicaly Cisco is trying to own your ass, technicly RIAA 'says' that
    your don't allowed to resell a music CD, however common law says you
    allowed to.

    I'm hoping somebody will help me out, will Cisco come down on
    somebody's ass for helping me ? of course not.
    However if somebody started make copies of the software, then sell
    it on Ebay for $100 a pop - of course they would

    This is how I see it, a few people will sternly point out that it's
    possible it could maybe kind of be considered in breach of your
    agreement with Cisco (they're the same sort of person who becomes a
    cop). Most people will ignore my request, however I'm hoping that a
    few of the people will see this for what it is

    One human asking another for help, it will only take 5 minutes and
    help me out On the big scheme of things, it's not really going to
    make that much of a difference in your life, however it would help me
    out allot, and help me help some other people too
    BikeZilla, Aug 16, 2004
  6. BikeZilla

    Scooby Guest

    Let's do this as an analogy. Say you bought a PC back in 1998 with Windows
    98 on it. You had the software and license to run that on your pc. That
    did not entitle you to any upgrades and it came with a particular feature
    set (being Windows 98). To say that you have Windows OS rights to your pc
    is very vague. What version of the OS, which release? Why shouldn't
    someone provide you with the latest release of Windows XP code - you have a
    license, right? You need to understand that the Cisco IOS has many releases
    and features. What rev of software and what release do you have rights to?
    See where I'm going with this? If you want upgrades and other feature sets,
    you need to pay for them. How are we supposed to know what file you have a
    license to?

    Would Cisco track me down for giving you a copy of the IOS - probably not.
    But, I'm not about to test that theory, same as I'm not about to send you a
    copy of my Windows CD either.

    BTW - A student recovering from Health problems and having a DSLAM handed
    down to them, just don't belong in the same sentence. If you are doing this
    for a corp, then they need to foot the bill for a new IOS.

    Or, if you feel so strongly about having the rights to this, call the Cisco
    TAC and state your case. Either way, please don't ask people to compromise
    their own situation to help your cause.
    Scooby, Aug 16, 2004
  7. BikeZilla

    BikeZilla Guest

    Let's do this as an analogy. Say you bought a PC back in 1998 with Windows
    They do when it comes it me. I'm recovering from a growth in my right
    (sic) sinus, For about 2 years most of my time was spent in bed
    resting, or in bed messing with my computers. I can't work, that's
    fine. So I figured
    that while I was sick I can at least learn, so I'm really trying to
    get allot
    of hands on experience with networking/UNIX and DCOM. I have ATM
    running all around the apartment building I live in, hooking into a
    Fore switch which then
    connects to a Dual SUN UltraSparc running Linux which does load
    balancing & squid caching on 2x4MB DSL's. I run it like a little CoOp
    for the building. Everybody has screaming internet and it only costs
    them about $17 dollars a month. All the equipment has come from two
    big Univ, a big corp upgrading, and the odd really lucky $5 purchase
    on Ebay

    That's want I'm trying todo for the housing project that (that I
    happened to live when I was younger)

    So in this case there's no corp to pay anybills

    I think 'help' is more accurate then compromise
    I do whatever I can to help people, even when there's no direct gain
    I *like* knowning I've helped somebody, no just myself
    BikeZilla, Aug 18, 2004
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