Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by hzatph, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. hzatph

    hzatph Guest

    I am thinking about buying HomePlus networking to cover our home - we
    have a large old house and the wireless is very poor in many places.

    We have a single incoming electricity supply through a single meter.
    The power then split into two consumer units each of which feeds
    several ring mains protected by RCDs.

    My question is whether the Homeplug product is likely to connect
    successfully through the two consumer units? Are the 200Mb systems
    likely to have a better range than the 85Mb ones?

    Views and experiences welcome.

    hzatph, Mar 18, 2008
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  2. hzatph

    Mortimer Guest

    I've used homeplug devices, made by Solwise, in a very old rambling cottage
    with three different fuse boxes (I think at least one uses fuses and the
    others use RCDs). This was the slow (14 Mbps?) devices because the customer
    couldn't see the need for faster devices to allow PC-PC comms when he just
    wanted internet access (he's since realised the benefits of file and printer
    sharing and that I was talking a lot of sense, and regrets not getting 85 or
    200 devices!).

    They worked fine for a year or so but then suddenly lost communication
    between the router and one of the outlying computers on a different mains
    circuit. I forget the precise symptom. I ended up having to move the router
    to a mains socket and phone socket that was closer to the affected computer
    (and maybe on the same mains circuit), and connect a second computer by
    another homeplug whereas previously it had been close enough to use
    Mortimer, Mar 19, 2008
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  3. hzatph

    Jon Guest

    Homeplugs work on phases, if your supply is all the same phase then they
    will work. From what you've described I think you, but I'm not an
    Jon, Mar 19, 2008
  4. hzatph

    hzatph Guest

    Thanks to everyone - they are all on the same phase - I am sure of
    that as we have gone from 3 phase to single phase supply.
    hzatph, Mar 21, 2008
  5. We use it here - the 14MBPS version though as I wanted to try it out
    Yes, I have one in the garage and it works fine in there also. I got
    the Netgear one with a homeplug wireless access point, so this can be
    put somewhere there is a requirement for a wireless point - i.e, I put
    mine on the landing, and it can be accessed by a wide range in the
    house. I also use one in my room for connecting another system on,
    and it works very well. Most of the other systems use RJ45 at 100 or
    1000MBPS ethernet, I haven't really noticed much speed issues, mainly
    as the machines I use it on don't do much file/printer sharing for
    large files.

    The other reason i got the 14MBPS units was I had heard issues with
    multiple versions co-existing on the same system, and I wanted the
    wireless access point.

    You can set encryption using a password to stop your network being
    available to other people with a similar system on the same phase.

    Andrew Hodgson, Apr 7, 2008
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