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Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Swarfmaker, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Swarfmaker

    Swarfmaker Guest

    I've had a network running for a couple of years using these HomePlug
    devices as well has Cat5 and wireless. Recently the computer in the Garage
    was unable to connect to the network. I swopped devices about but have been
    unable to get this computer to connect. This week the computer in one of the
    bedrooms has shown the same fault. After some more testing it seems that
    computers on the same mains ring as the device connect to the router can
    connect to the network, but devices on any other ring can't. There has been
    no work done on the electrics recently.
    Any ideas as to what's going on and how to fix it?


    Swarfmaker, Oct 28, 2009
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  2. Swarfmaker

    Conor Guest

    Hopefully some pissed off Radio Ham is pointing a beam at your house and
    blasting 400 watts of SSB at it.
    Conor, Oct 28, 2009
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  3. Swarfmaker

    Swarfmaker Guest

    I've tried substituting devices. All of the devices will work quite happily
    when on the same circuit. i.e. the downstairs mains ring.
    The problem only occurs when I have devices on seperate rings. i.e. upstairs
    and downstairs or garage
    Swarfmaker, Oct 29, 2009
  4. Swarfmaker

    Swarfmaker Guest

    Any mixture of devices will work whilst on the one ring. Problem only when
    some devices on another ring
    Swarfmaker, Oct 29, 2009
  5. Swarfmaker

    Swarfmaker Guest

    Thank you for your insightful response Conor. As the saying goes, your
    advice is worth exactly what I paid for it.
    If you can't say anything useful then JSTFU
    Swarfmaker, Oct 29, 2009
  6. Swarfmaker

    Conor Guest

    I live 150 metres with a row of houses between me and the one that
    affected me. Quite a strong signal - enough to blank out anyone who was
    more than a couple of miles away.

    Got another one about the same distance in the other direction but it
    seems to be quite low level so although its there, I can live with it.

    Reports have shown up to 500 feet AFAIR (could be metres but they're all
    old gits so its probably in english).
    Conor, Oct 29, 2009
  7. Swarfmaker

    Conor Guest

    Homeplug networks turn your ring mains into an aerial that broadcasts
    the signal several hundred feet or didn't you know that?
    Conor, Oct 29, 2009
  8. Swarfmaker

    Swarfmaker Guest

    Conor, can you point to something in my initial post that suggests that I
    needed information about the radiation characteristics of these devices? NO!
    I don't believe you can.
    Now, if you can answer my query, I'm all ears. If you can't answer my query
    then I'm not realy interested in anything you have to say. As far as I am
    aware these devices have passed all the relevant tests and are suitably CE

    Swarfmaker, Oct 29, 2009
  9. If you say so.

    I got mine from http://www.solwise.co.uk/ who still seem to be selling
    them and I can't see any disclaimers there.

    So I'll carry on using mine.
    Victor Meldrew, Oct 29, 2009
  10. Swarfmaker

    Conor Guest

    They're hardly likely to broadcast the fact they're causing illegal
    Please carry on. I'm quite sure there'll be someone in your area happy
    to listen in.
    Conor, Oct 29, 2009
  11. If it was illegal solwise would no be selling them.
    Victor Meldrew, Oct 29, 2009
  12. I nearly missed this piece of stupid paranoia.

    Black Hats are all around us are they ?
    Victor Meldrew, Oct 29, 2009
  13. Swarfmaker

    Conor Guest

    BWAHAHA. How naive you are.
    Conor, Oct 29, 2009
  14. Swarfmaker

    [ste parker] Guest

    From what I've read (mainly coming from the stuff Conor has posted
    before) the whole CE marking may not necessarily be indicative of the
    actual product you have in your hands, depending on whose viewpoint you
    look at it from. I know it doesn't give the answer to your issue but
    some of it certainly makes interesting reading, for example:


    Feel free to be ignorant by all means, if you don't care I'm not going
    to argue.
    [ste parker], Oct 30, 2009
  15. Swarfmaker

    Conor Guest

    Sweden have already banned them this week.
    Conor, Oct 31, 2009
  16. Swarfmaker

    Rob Morley Guest

    "Withdrawn from the market"
    Rob Morley, Nov 2, 2009
  17. Swarfmaker

    Dave Guest

    I note you said there had been no work done on the electrics supply, but have
    you by chance added any sort of multi-way adapter for 13 A sockets, which
    includes a filter?

    I do not know much about these HomePlug devices, but if they use the mains
    wiring, their efficiency might be reduced if there is a lot of capacitance
    across the wiring. A filter would add some capacitance. The adapter could cause
    you issues, even if there are no devices at all plugged into it.

    I've never used these things myself. The place where I want to get ethernet is
    in my garage, and that is on another phase, of the 3-phase supply to my house. I
    doubt these things work on 3-phase supplies, where the two computers are on
    different phases, though I do not know if that is true.

    Dave, Nov 4, 2009
  18. Swarfmaker

    Roger Guest

    Go away you foul mouthed silly little man.
    Your input to a number of groups is not welcome. Neither is your foul
    in some groups.
    Good job you will never get a licence, no one would speak to you.
    You never did say what your registered company number or vat number is.
    Companies House has no trace of you, so I passed on the info to a friend
    working at HMRC!
    Roger, Nov 9, 2009
  19. Swarfmaker

    Roger Guest

    He doesn't have a valid UK amateur licence, what he repeats is what he heard
    others say. That is why he can't give you any technical explanation!
    PLT as it is known uses a number of frequencies to transmit data over mains
    wiring. This also radiates for a few hundred feet and can travel some
    along a street. OFCOM should say they are illegal as they can cause
    with MW radio. You can imagine if you put a MW/SW radio on, it would
    cause a data type noise on various frequencies and harmonics. People think
    incorrectly that the interference in HF radios is via the mains cable. The
    I did showed that the transformer stopped the interference, it was coming in
    via the aerials. Using a magnetic loop eliminated the interference.
    It shouldn't be down to us licensed amateurs to stop incoming interference,
    OFCOM should appy the Law to retailers, similar to how they prosecute
    people building pirate equipment for example. PLT devices are illegal to
    sell and operate under UK Law, OFCOM refuses to act, I wonder why!
    Fortunately a decent matching device on the aerial works wonders when
    combined with DSP. So PLT doesn't affect me too much despite the
    neighbours using the devices.
    I often find computers in unshielded cases cause more problems on HF
    than PLT devices! people often confuse PLT noise with computer noise and
    once they use a computer by their own radios they soon have problems if
    they have no knowledge of EMC. Knowledge of EMC has now been lost
    with the downgrading of the requirement for giveaway licences such as
    the novice scheme. Nothing like it used to be with two C&G exams and
    a morse test at 12 words per minute to operate on HF.
    It is clear that standards have dropped from some of the posts about.
    Lots of people who class themselves as "technical" but haven't a clue
    when they are asked to explain what they look at on Google or see others
    posting and just copy it.
    Fortunately some of us are Class A amateurs and have a working
    knowledge of radio engineering through years of work and designing
    products for manufacturers such as Kenwood! Also designing computer
    related products that radio amateurs now use every day.
    Roger, Nov 9, 2009
  20. Swarfmaker

    Conor Guest

    Err, I posted a scan of it on uk.r.a
    That "some" doesn't include you, Tiscali idiot.
    Conor, Nov 9, 2009
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