Homegroup and Network sharing on Windows 7

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by John, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. John

    John Guest

    Is it possible to have one of your computer systems able to connect
    via the Network (not homegroup) to the other computer on the network
    to transfer files back and forth, but for sharing on the first
    computer to be disabled or limited to just the printer? Is there a way
    to secure and set this up?
    John, Nov 5, 2011
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  2. John

    Kele Guest

    Yes, I have XP (hard wired) and Win 7 (wireless) on a router. They can
    sling files to and from. I even got the printer and external hard drive
    working for the wireless laptop... but it's best when the peripherals are
    hard wired to the hard wired PC and the laptop accesses these peripherals
    through the XP PC. I can get it to work using the USB port on the router
    (shareport), but then everyone is slower when using them. Weird but true.

    My router is a Dlink; I don't know how similar they all are.

    I suffered getting the wireless to work with the Win7 laptop. The XP is
    hard wired; that went well. The Win7 wireless was not working until I hard
    wired it to the router. Apparently, that made the laptop and the router
    talk and do the set-up. It told the router that this is a valid (home) PC
    trying to connect - I presume. Once the laptop was working with the router,
    I disconnected it and it was available and usable wirelessly ever since.
    This is not Win 7 home group method for which I haven't used since there are
    no other Vista/Win7's in this house...

    Someone has a web laptop (XP) and I have tried to get that working
    wirelessly at my place. I've tried a few times over the past year and spent
    at least an hour each time. Nothing seems to work... when hard wired, it
    functions perfectly, but when disconnected never. I tried reducing my
    router security level, played with all the b, g & n frequencies. I tried
    the Windows flash key method too - I've never had luck with that. I have no
    idea why this laptop and my router refuse to communicate wirelessly. I
    can't think of anything else to try. She can wireless at Starbucks but not
    my place, WTF.

    The Dlink router's web based set-up/ options is so complex why?

    So I guess my answer is, maybe yes with a router.
    Kele, Nov 7, 2011
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  3. John

    me again Guest

    me again, Nov 9, 2011
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